UK Vintners Maintain The Island’s Wine Industry

The UK vintners who are operating in the country today are in a place where they are maintaining one of the proudest industries on the island. Making wine in Britain is not always recognized as it should be, and this article explains how the UK wine industry has begun to grow in the hills of the midlands.

Anyone who is looking for a new place to buy wine will quite enjoy tasting in the hills, and they will find vineyards that have a history all their own. This article at takes a look at how the UK wine business is growing.

#1: Where Are The UK Vintners?

UK Vintners are scattered around the country, and they are looking for ways to expand their brand outside the island. The companies that are producing the best wines are building their name by selling online, and their international appeal makes them quite exciting to enthusiasts who are looking for new places to buy their next bottle.

#2: What Is Made In The UK?

Every style of wine is made in the UK, and the grapes are all grown locally. The vineyards are quite active, and they provide many different varietals to choose from. Visitors may take a look at the vineyards, and they will come inside to see the tasting rooms. They may try wines that are kept on the grounds, or they may try the wines that are sold every day. They want to share what UK winemaking tastes like, and they want to make it quite a lot of fun for everyone to visit.

#3: Are The Wines Of The Highest Quality?

The wines are of the highest quality, and they taste just as the wines from France and Italy do. The wines made in the UK have their own flavor because they are made from soil and grapes that are in a different climate. The wines are quite unique, and they are fun to taste because they are much different from the traditional wine taster is used to. The wine tasters who are coming to the UK must visit different UK vintners on each trip, and they will taste something special each time.

It is quite a lot of fun to taste proper wines, and anyone who wishes to have a better bottle of wine will find it fun to look around the English midlands. The vineyards are beautiful, large and make great wine.

For more information, view UK Vintners PLC (UKV PLC)’s business profile.


Passion Fruit EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

EOS , A.K.A. Evolution of Smooth, lip balms are a wonderful choice for moisturizing your lips. The delightful smooth sphere packaging makes them easy to find in your bag and easy to apply to your mouth. With top of the line ingredients, such as calming Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and antioxidant rich Vitamin E, you can rest assured your skin is getting all the moisture you need to keep your lips gorgeously soft and smooth.

According to their Facebook page, EOS lip balms pride themselves on being hypoallergenic, paraben and petrolatum free, and have been dermatologist tested for effectiveness and safety. You can be sure they are an excellent choice for protection against dry, chapped lips.

EOS lip balm Passion Fruit flavor lip balm has a sweet, fruity flavor and scent that will add a little summer to the coldest winter days. The light purple, smooth, sphere container will bring a smile to your lips the moment you see it.

With 95% organic ingredients, EOS stands out among lip balms and is 100% natural. This lip balm glides on clear and leaves behind long lasting moisture. The twist off top ensures you lip balm ends up on your lips, not on your bag. Eos lip balms are paraben free, petrolatum free, phthalate free and come in a convenient 0.25 oz size. EOS lip balm products are available directly from the evolutionofsmooth website or via select retail stores like Target and Ulta (

Christmas Using Securus Technologies

Getting a chance to use a system like Securus has been something that so many people have benefited from in the past several years. I have actually been using Securus myself because one of my good friends has been put into prison and it was too difficult for me to make trips to the local prison itself. When I discovered Securus, it was actually during the holiday season when I would otherwise be spending a lot of time with my good friend. It was becoming a problem that we were no longer able to keep in touch with each other during the Christmas season and this is what prompted me to find a system that actually worked.


Securus enables you to do video visitation Services all throughout the year, but many prison families are actually using it solely for the Christmas season so that they can keep in touch with their loved ones and have a greater communication that they would otherwise be lacking. This is very important for prison families all over the country and can be exactly what you have been looking for if you have struggled to keep in contact with your loved one despite the fact that you have tried other things in the past.


There is nothing good that comes with lacking in communication with your loved one in prison. The holiday season can be especially rough for prisoners because they are otherwise away from their families for long periods of time when they would normally be spending a lot of time with their loved ones. Because of these problems, a lot of prison families are finding that security allows for the prisoner to feel more at home and actually allows them to feel more secure in what they are doing at the moment.


You can find out more about Securus and how to use it during the holiday season by visiting the website and learning about the software program itself. The software program is very easy to download and use no matter where you happen to be located and it is often found in a wide variety of different prisons around the country so that it is easy for you to find the prison where it will work the best. It is also incredibly cost-effective for prison families who would otherwise spend a lot of money to go and see their loved ones by driving to where they are located.


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Securus Technologies

3 Reasons Thor Halvorssen is Standing up for Human Rights

Authoritarianism Is Far Too Common

Currently, more than a third of all people lives under a despotic government of some sort. Sometimes, these governments are left wing and sometimes these governments are right wing, but there is never a situation where conditions are optimal for human growth or potential. Halvorssen wants to see a world where intimidation, censorship, and other extreme forms of holding power are no longer accepted. Given his birth and childhood in Venezuela, this is easy to understand.

He Has Experienced Life Under A Dictatorship

Venezuela, the country the Halvorssen family calls home, is absolutely swamped in corruption. In part due to their insistence on political activism and advocacy for freedom, his family has often suffered legal repercussions for their actions in the form of false arrests and violence. When his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, decided he wanted to investigate ties between the Venezuelan government and drug traffickers, he was falsely accused of crimes he did not commit and was placed under arrest. Even though his name was eventually cleared the senior Halvorssen suffered a major setback because of this event in his life.

The ultimate tragedy for Halvorssen occurred at the hands of the national government. During a protest of the 2004 referendum Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, was shot by supporters of the current regime. Adding insult to injury, the supporters were arrested but never convicted of crimes related to this incident. The murder of his mother had a serious impact on the life of Thor Halvorssen. It has made the fight against authoritarian regimes personal.

He Understands The Benefits Of An Open Society

After graduating from an American university, Halvorssen was able to understand the benefits of an open society. In contrast to the rigid society of his native Venezuela, America gives everyone a chance to make something of themselves and those born into lower classes are able to move up in life. An open society gives everyone a chance to live life to their full potential. Thor Halvorssen wants to make sure everyone is able to have that chance for themselves.

From one Court to Another

Bruce Levenson says good-bye to the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena. It happens to be a long and slow farewell for the package deal. It takes more than seven months. And as much as he may want to discuss the details of the deal to ease the minds of fans and onlooker alike Levenson cannot do that. As the controlling principle behind Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC he must honor a non-disclosure deal in the works. It prevents him from saying a word about the sale publicly.

The ESPN says there is a lot to talk about, starting with the list of potential buyers looking to make it on the bid list. To handle the bid wars, Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports are charged to facilitate the negotiations. This in tales having meeting interested parties only after an initial screening process. Some bidding groups find themselves feeling left out and off the radar of the search firm’s interest.

The whole process at times appears too hot to handle at times for Levenson and general manager Danny Ferry. But really it is not any of Bruce’s actions, his ownership or management of the team that that is putting up the biggest road block. It is Philips Arena itself that raises the most eyebrows. Not to mention that ownership of the Atlanta Hawks is not a one man show.

There are other partners in the Atlanta Spirit ownership group beside Levenson. They go by the names of Ed Peskowitz and Todd Foreman and these businessmen have to protect their best interest as well. This situation resembles the circumstances that preceded Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling selling to Steve Ballmer.

But the delicate selling process is only half the job done for Levenson. AHBE has a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County claiming breach of contract against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The lawsuit itself is not so much the problem when compared the way the insurance company is failing to pay on settlements supposedly covered in their policy. According to, not only is New Hampshire Insurance not paying him they refuse to even acknowledge the nuances within the policy. As one deal closes another’s loose ends need to be cut. So it’s good-bye basketball court hello civil court for the former Atlanta Hawks controlling principle.


A Magnises Black Card Can Be Used For Just About Anything

Magnises is popular enough now to where anyone who hears the name should know what it represents, and they should easily be able to make up their mind if they want to become a member of Magnises or not. The fact is, Magnises is mostly known in New York City, but many people in other areas or states may not be familiar with Magnises and what it stands for. Picture a room full of millennials who are just partying and having fun, and realize that it’s very likely that a good portion of the members will have a Magnises membership.

Since Magnises is very popular among age groups 21-35, many of the functions that are held or promoted by Magnises are frequented by people in these age groups. Magnises is not just about helping young people to party and have fun but also about helping them save money too. With different partnerships that have been forged with some great businesses, a Magnises member can now enjoy some awesome perks that they couldn’t possibly get on their own without the help of their Magnises membership. Magnises has also chosen to add some great lifestyle perks that will come in handy.

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One particular lifestyle perks that Magnises is very proud of are their club passes, which is exactly what it says it is. Since getting into nightclubs can be a task or a painful chore, Magnises has a ClubPass that takes all the guesswork and difficulty out of getting into the hottest clubs, which means the Magnises member may not have to stand in line, and the person will absolutely get into any club of their choosing. It may seem easy enough to go to a nightclub, stand in line, and go through the doors, but it’s never that easy in New York City.

With the ClubPass, entrance is always guaranteed, and the Magnises card can also be used to get some benefits inside the club, such as free bottle service, discounted food, VIP treatment and more. Magnises also has something to offer a member who wants to keep it more professional, such as the WorkPass, which is a entrepreneurs ticket to getting a co-working space at Alley for a discounted price. With a monthly fee that’s paid, those who have the Magnises WorkPass can get so many benefits that can be very helpful for their business venture.

Don’t forget the Magnises Concierge, which is a great perk in itself. Instead of calling out to make reservations for a restaurant or bar or learning about any hot event that’s going on, let the concierge address you by name when suggesting where you should go and what you should do. The concierge is only available to Magnises card members, so those with no membership can always get one by paying the $250 annual fee and getting their own personalized card. Choose to add banking information to the card to make it easier to use, especially when you want to make a purchase.

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The Kabbalah Centre Brings Ancient Scriptures to the Modern World

In the 20th century and on into the 21st century the issue of spirituality and an increased level of new age style religious beliefs have led to a growth in the number of people looking to find alternative ways of looking at religious beliefs. One of the areas that has risen to the top of the tree in religion is the use of the Kabbalah as a guide to living a successful and more fulfilled life; these ancient scriptures were first passed down as an oral tradition before the birth of modern religious beliefs and are used in such a way by The Kabbalah Centre.


Kabbalah can be used in many ways by each individual student, including its use as a map or set of guidelines that link each student to the wider worlds they live in. The ancient scriptures used in the work of the not for profit Kabbalah Centre provide a glimpse into life lived in a spiritual way that can influence the individual and society as a whole. The Kabbalah Centre began the interpretation of the scriptures passed down in ancient Hebrew and first published in the Middle Ages at the turn of the 20th century and opened its first location in 1922.


The modern Kabbalah Centre can be traced to the home of Rabbi Philip Berg in Queens, New York that was opened up to students in the 1960s and led to the growth of these teachings around the world. In the last few decades the way The Kabbalah Centre teaches has been evolving with greater use of Online and remote courses designed to allow those not living near a physical Kabbalah Centre location the chance to learn about this impressive form of spirituality. One of the major aspects of The Kabbalah Centre teaching is to develop a way of helping society as a whole to open up the mind of the individual to fulfillment, which has led to the development of a volunteer program from The kabbalah Centre linking students to charitable groups and organizations.

Lip Balm Can Change The World

When visiting any health and beauty department, customers can find a variety of lip balm options. Many choose based on a long standing preference. The problem was that many of the products were quite the same, from packaging to ingredients, and even flavor or scent options. Suddenly EOS lip balms entered the scene, quickly upended the market, and changed everyone’s expectations.

Short for Evolution of Smooth, EOS provides a fun but also practical line of lip balms. They use the natural and organic ingredients that everyone is looking for these days. They have created brightly colored, sphere shaped packaging that is unique, yet very usable. The flavor/scent profiles are exciting and unique. The pricing provides luxury and style at a competitive rate. Another great benefit is that EOS products are easy to find as they have been picked up by stores everywhere. As the company grows, they are offering more everyday products, such as shave creams and lotions, in a new way.

EOS lip balms were designed to appeal to millenial women and they have succeeded. This is quite an accomplishment considering the long-standing and well known competitors they have gone up against. To those interested in learning more about how this victory was won, check out this interesting and informative article:

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at


Keith Mann CEO Dynamic Search Partners

Keith Mann is the currently Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Search Partners and also responsible for daily management control. Keith Mann presence in executive search industry has lasted 15 years and above as well as hedge fund compensation, recruitment, and hiring experts. Previously, Keith had been the administration director of Dynamic Executive search recruiting various global financial services specialists. Noteworthy to mention, during these moments Keith identified Hedge fund industry rapid growth and launched an Alternative Investment Practice within the Dynamic Executive Search. In 2006, Keith stretched the organization to a classified equity and later established the leading Executive Search firm, Dynamic search Partners (DSP).

With over ten years of industry experience, Dynamic Search Partners has established a strong professional network industry which has stretched across approximately all levels of expertise. In the organization, Keith Mann helps his clients in building new platforms, hiring strategies, marketing as well as professional work approach for the existing group. Organization ability to understand customer’s details and the associated sensitive executive search facilitate quality results with leading talents along. Noteworthy to mention, DSP client base consists of the most prestigious hedge funds as well as private equity firms.

Keith Mann, Dynamic Search partner’s founder supports the growth of uncommon schools in the society to reduce the success gap and set up a countless number of college graduates from low background students. Additionally, Keith primary goal is to construct an on-going important platform for DSP and help them attain brighter future in general.

In conclusion, Keith Mann has relative worked hard to achieve his success from Dynamic Executive search managing director to CEO Dynamic Search Partners firm. Moreover, his passion for the company apparently is observed from his support and funding uncommon schools to build a better platform for the company and their future in general.

Town Residential Promises Quality

The Town Residential real estate company is one that has only been in business for short time, but in that time they have made major waves. Their luxury living options have allowed them to be one of the most successful companies in New York City because of the way that they work.


Three years is not a long time for businesses to be functioning. In that time, many businesses find a sink or swim moment. Town Residential has never had to deal with that. All of their moments have been “swim” moments. It has allowed them to be as successful as possible and has given them the chance to make things better for their business. It has also allowed them the chance to make major improvements to the way that things are done in their business and with the different things that they have.


The biggest thing that Town Residential has done is that they have shaken up the New York City real estate market. They are in a saturated market. There are many people who are looking for homes in New York City but there are really not that many homes in New York City. This has meant a really high demand and a really low supply of the homes that are available. It has also meant that people have had to look elsewhere to find the homes that they need and to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want out of the city.


It is all about luxury for Town Residential. It is rumored that they have helped New York celebrities to find the homes that they want and they have been successful with all of that. It has also meant that they are able to do many different things that some other real estate companies were not able to do. In the time that they have been in business, they have done the near impossible by always guaranteeing a certain level of luxury no matter where the people are located at in New York City and what they want their home to have in it.


Since they have been so successful, they have been able to open up their tenth office in the city. This is a huge deal for Town Residential. Most real estate companies do not even thrive in the first three years of business. Town Residential is doing better than some real estate agencies have been able to do in three decades. It has allowed them to be better at what they are doing and has given them the chance to make sure that their business is among the best of the best for all of the people who they serve and who live in different areas of the city.