Trabuco: Ancient Weapon Of War Still Admired Today

Imagine a period of time when being able to fire four shots at once was considered very impressive. That was what the landscape was like during much of ancient times. Being able to fire that many shots at the enemy within a minute was astounding for its time. That was what the Trabuco weapon could do.

Despite this firepower, there were some drawbacks to using a Trabuco. Namely, these were human operated machines that were difficult to get everyone lined up to use properly according to Put another way, it was difficult to organize people to pull the strings with the same level of intensity shot after shot. As a result, some of the projectiles that came off of the Trabuco had immense power while others were far less forceful.

The Trabuco weapon has origins in China, but they are best known for being used during the Crusades by Europeans. That is where they took off in popularity the most. However, their popularity was short-lived as it became increasingly obvious that they were incredibly difficult to control.

Precise calculations had to be made in order to use the Trabuco machine in its intended manner on One could not fire at what their target was unless they knew exactly the kind of math necessary to make that all work out properly. This meant calculating things such as kinetic energy, potential energy, and directional forces. Trying to do all of that while out on a battlefield has obvious disadvantages.

To the credit of those who invented the Trabuco, it was easy to manufacture. There is no question that the simplicity of the machine is something that people liked about it. It did not require complex mechanisms that might have been difficult to find at the time. Rather, it relied on simple physics to get the job done.

Some of the largest and most powerful projectiles of the time were launched from these machines. However, this war machine was largely phased out by the eleventh century as it just became increasingly impractical. These days, the machine is admired more for what it can teach us about mathematics and the history of war than anything else. Those are still not bad lessons to learn.

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Traveling Vineyard Offers In-Home Wine Tasting

Traveling Vineyard does wine tasting in a way that allows people the chance to experience the best wine possible in their own homes. It is a company that has dedicated the majority of their time to helping their customers have the most convenient experience and they rely on all of the consultants they have to help the customers get exactly what they need. Since Traveling Vineyard first started, they have been helping people have a better chance at getting the wine they need, and it has allowed the company the chance to grow to points where most people did not think they would be able to reach. Now that Traveling Vineyard is one of the biggest growing direct sales companies, people are learning more about the wine they can get from the company and how they will be able to experience a wine tasting in their home just like they were at a vineyard.

Even when people are just learning about wine, they can benefit from a tasting. They get it from a wine guide who is a representative of the company. The wine guide makes a commission from the party, and the hostess of the party is capable of earning rewards for the things she is doing. The company does what they can to have the newest and best wines available for their customers. They want to show people the chances they have to try new and exciting wines while they are doing different things in their own homes.

Even when the hostess is having her first Traveling Vineyard party, she can get the benefits from it. The people who come to her party and purchase wine are able to give her the rewards. Just by making purchases, they are helping her to get rewarded with the wine they are buying. She can then use these rewards to purchase her own wine. It is a great way to get some free wine and to have a fun time with best friends and family members. Even if they don’t buy wine, it will still be a great party for people to come to.

The wine guides are people who are hoping to make extra money. They have been trained by their mentors to show people what they are able to do and that helps them to make all of the right choices for those who want to purchase the wine. They know a lot about wine, and they even come with their own wine kits so they can help their hostesses to have the best wine experience possible whether they have done a tasting in the past before or if this is the first one they have had in their home.

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The Inspirational Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the greatest inspirations in Switzerland. Raised in one of the smaller cities, Freiburg, Baur had a quiet childhood. He graduated from Bern University and the University of Rochester with business degrees. He began his career in banking shortly after that.

In 1991, he got his finance job at a Union Bank of Switzerland. Though his life seemed normal, he got the finance job in a way that no one before him ever had. Instead of being shown to a desk, he got a full-detailed prediction of how he would succeed at Union Bank of Switzerland.

Despite all the predictions and all the many success he came to earn at UBS, he left the bank in 2008. He took another bank job at Clariden Leu in Zurich. Like at UBS, he quickly rose through the ranks until he reached a high-ranking position he was comfortable with.

In his six years with Clariden, he struggled to stay interested in banking. He felt life pulling him in a different direction. In 2014, he lost all interest in continuing as a banker. He hated devoted most of his time to red tape and the endless overtime that came with it.

After leaving Clariden, he met up with Max Meister and co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF is an incubator program that provides numerous services to aspiring tech entrepreneurs who need help. Many of the services include mentoring and training. Some even get rent-free offices and financial aid.

The biggest provision offered is their Accelerator Program, which is a three-month program that teaches newcomers everything they need to know about running a tech business. The SSUF hope is to build up Switzerland tech industry and grew the country as a whole. For Baur, it’s about helping the up-and-coming entrepreneurs that remind him of himself.

Although he left the banking industry, he didn’t let those skills go to waste. His expertise is what allows SSUF to remain independent. Other incubators are part of a company of political organization and must operate within certain perimeters. SSUF is free to operate the way they see fit.

Everyone loves working with Mike Baur. He chose a life of creative work over a life of predictable and lucrative banking. He’s the perfect man to teach young entrepreneurs to follow their passions. It’s what he’d doing right now.


The Rise of Eric Pulier

One area in the existence of mankind that has seen monumental growth is the technology sector. The ability of mankind to revolutionize this sector cannot be unrivaled. From the Pyramids of Egypt to the current technology of iPhone and smart Android devices, it true to say the world has changed considerably. However, this did not just happen miraculously. It is the effort of people who were dedicated to coming up with innovative ways of doing this that got us here. The people who dared to push beyond their normal lives and make an impact in our society. It is for people like Eric Pulier that we see some of the advancements that we see today.

The modern world has seen numerous innovators. One of them is entrepreneur Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is the owner of vAtomic systems. Eric Pulier may not be in the league of Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos or even Bill Gates but he has the potential to get to that level in future. He is among the best upcoming innovative entrepreneurs. He tries to make predictions in areas where there is a likelihood of seeing business opportunities arise in future. The aim of Pulier is to make earnings from his investments while at the same time benefitting the society by providing solutions.

Eric Pulier is not a textbook entrepreneur. He comes up with his own unique ways of ideas. This is what the modern world needs today. Pulier does not find it necessary to invest in other people ideas, his is simple, start original ideas that didn’t exist before and grow them into big business enterprises.

Eric Pulier’s success does not only go into technology matter, he is great in communal and charity work. He has invested a lot of money in helping the disadvantaged in the society especially the children. Eric Pulier was born from a humble family in Teaneck, New Jersey. Right from his childhood, Eric Pulier had a natural ability to comprehend technology and programming something which puzzled many. By the fourth grade, Eric Pulier was already able to set up a computer on his own. It is these capabilities that motivated Eric Pulier to push further.

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George Soros is Proof That Even the Wealthy Can Be Engaged Citizens

George Soros is a walking success story. Today, the business magnate has an estimated net worth of $25 billion. Born in Hungary in 1930, he had to survive Nazi Occupation and the Second World War before moving to England and later immigrating to the United States in 1956. Arriving with nothing more than an education and a brief professional experience, Soros has since used unrelenting self-drive and hard work to become one of the richest individuals on the planet. Today, he is particularly known for his work with the Soros Fund Management, Open Society Foundations, and the Quantum Fund.Despite his considerable wealth, Soros has not forgotten his roots. He has remained consistently humble even as his wealth has grown. He sees his wealth as a platform through which he can improve the lives of millions not as fortunate as him. He has heavily used political action as an indirect strategy for going about this improvement. Additionally, he has employed more direct strategies such as philanthropy and writing books to better influence as many lives as possible.

George Soros largely remained away from the American political scene until 2004. In the presidential elections that year, he made a number of significant contributions with the aim of preventing the election of George Bush as president. After President Bush won the elections that year, Soros and a number of like-minded political donors founded the Democratic Alliance. The organization was formed with the goal of ensuring that America remains true to its progressive path. Additionally, he has over the years worked to protect minority civil rights even when it does not seem like the glamorous thing to do. For instance, in 2016 he committed to providing $10 million to combat hate crimes.Philanthropy is also quite close to George Soros’s heart.

Since the 1970s, Soros is believed to have contributed as much as $12 billion towards charitable programs all across the globe. This contribution is even more significant considering it represents close to half of his current net worth.Given the weight of Mr. Soros’s political and philanthropic contributions, it is not surprising that he has received numerous honors and awards throughout his professional journey. He holds a number of honorary doctoral degrees from five reputable institutions of higher learning in the United States, Italy, and Hungary, including Yale University and the University of Bologna. Further, numerous publications geared towards hedge funds have consistently named him among the best investment managers in the world.Finally, Mr. Soros has cemented the strong legacy he has developed over the years by authoring a number of books and publications. Covering a wide array of topics including politics, stock trading and finance, these publications are relevant to a wide range of audiences ranging from governments to everyday people.

Gregory Aziz on Many Topics

Greg – True Locomotive, Hard-Working American

Turning 65 or older as an American is no small feat these days; it means you have survived the Reagan years, the Nixon years – perhaps, the Clinton years, the Bush years, the Obama years and maybe even your very first Trump year. How many more presidents will you see? Greg Aziz can say that he has reached this special milestone and hopes to live many more years to see several more candidates run for office.

National Steel Car CEO, Gregory J Aziz, Talks About His Food Prep. Preferences – Sharing a Few Tips

Fresh, frozen, canned, or even dried – fruits and vegetables

Canned: Seek low-sodium vegetables as well as low-sugar or sugar-less fruits.

Frozen: Use whatever you need for any meal, and then put what’s left in the bag back into the freezer.

Dried: Check the labels for – and utterly avoid – added sugar, when used especially in fruits.

Whole grains, like whole wheat bread, brown rice or non-instant oatmeal

Steel-cut oatmeal will cost just a few cents per ounce, and it helps you get the fiber you need. Beans, lentils, and peas are packed with protein and several other useful nutrients; they’re a superb way to stretch the food dollar. Use these in everything from soups to burritos to chili. Packaged dried beans often cost less but take more planning to cook. Also, low-sodium canned beans are a great option: You may even rinse them to lower salt intake.

James Aziz, aka Greg Aziz – Railroad Manufacturing Expert, Talks About His Favorite Singer

Marie Dvorakova is considered one of the most gracious and beautiful women in the world, and you will have your opportunity to see her perform in person next week as she sings “Amazing Grace” in full Russian at the Mongo Pana in Moscow.

Greg Lists His Thoughts on the State of the Current Mexican News Media and Its Relation to U.S. News Outlets as a Result – Explore More!

Greg has also heavily discussed where he sees the future of the U.S. headed – and not only in the locomotive or steam engine realm – but also in its very news and media agencies, along with its relations to those of other countries, such as Mexico. His findings were quite astounding. You may search for them online.

A Career in Wine Collection with UKV PLC

The wine collection is a process that requires patience and resilience, and for a commodity who’s best defining quality is that it gets better with age, this is to be expected. However, a more lucrative business venture may not be available within the food beverages industry. There is a combination of factors that make wine collection so profitable, the first of which is that as it grows older and matures further, it becomes more desirable. The second is that it keeps getting increasingly rare. Every time a vintage bottle of certain brand is opened, that edition of the brand becomes more limited. And the final quality is that there is always a different vintage taste coming out of any season in various parts of the world. Collectors await the release of each different vintage taste with great anticipation and enthusiasm. These three factors make wine collecting a worthwhile venture since there will always be a market for vintage wine.

United Kingdom Vintners PLC is the United Kingdom based wine collecting company. It gives tips and advice on how to make a career in collecting wine and provides opportunities for willing individuals to kick start such a career with the company. They offer members of the public a chance to invest in the wine industry by joining the brokerage program where they can collect and sell wine under the facilitation of the company to learn  more: click here.

They point to several reasons as to why an investment in the wine industry is bound to pay off, sooner or later. The first is the industry’s undisputed consistency. The wine industry is the only industry in the world that is not affected by the global economic, political or even social events. During global economic recessions, such political developments as Brexit and even global conflicts have little to no effect on the wine industry.

Another important factor that invests in wine collection such a worthwhile venture is a guaranteed sustained global interest in wine. Such interest has grown, especially among young developing economies. With populations now more financially empowered in emerging global economies such as India and Brazil, there is a new found enthusiasm for wine among populations in these countries. This creates a new market for vintage wine.

Avaaz Saves The Whales And Protects The Oceans

Avaaz is an organization that makes a difference in the problems the world is facing. Their members fight for what is right with phone calls, emails, campaigns, financial contributions, and their hearts. Avaaz went into action due to Japan’s slaughter of whales they refer to as scientific. The country has been slaughtering whales in the thousands for thirty years. In only one week the members of Avaaz had over a million signatures. They presented their petition at the summit of the International Whaling Commission and soon the key delegations were talking about the substantial push received from Avaaz and the citizens. When the final vote was in 34 countries agreed to stop all of Japan’s scientific projects regarding harpooning whales before they started. There were only 17 countries who had voted against the petition. Avaaz was victorious and saved the whales.

The Ross sea is an ocean paradise filled with blue whales, orcas, weddell seals, and emperor penguins. According to scientists this is the only intact marine ecosystem left anywhere on the planet. Russia was the only vote left to ensure the area was protected. A group of 1.3 million members of Avaaz teamed up with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Lewis Pugh to convince Vladimir Putin to stand behind them. Avaaz then funded a dinner in Moscow and spoke to diplomats and decision makers from all over the globe. Only a few weeks after Avaaz pushed the governments into the protection of thirty percent of the oceans by the year 2030, Russia joined the historic agreement with 24 other countries. This resulted in the creation of the biggest marine area to ever receive protection in history. The area encompassed 1.5 square km and the area will remain protected for 35 years. It took Avaaz six years but they succeeded and they celebrated.

Amicus Therapeutics: Doing Groundbreaking Research On Rare And Orphan

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. is a publicly traded American pharmaceutical company. Founded in 2002, the company has its headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company’s key executives include Chief Executive Officer John Crowley, Chief Operating Officer Bradley Campbell, and Chief Financial Officer William Baird. Amicus Therapeutics has about 100 employees and total assets in excess of $127 million. After initially being funded by Canaan Partners, Radius Ventures, New Enterprise Associates and other venture capital firms, the company went public in 2007.


The primary focus of the staff at Amicus Therapeutics is on creating therapeutic options for treating lysosomal storage disorders and other rare and orphan diseases. The Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform is the base of most of their product development. The company has primarily concentrated their time and resources on developing enzyme replacement therapies ( Amicus Therapeutics is said to have perhaps the pharmaceutical industry’s broadest portfolio when it comes to small molecule pharmacological chaperones.


The company is not currently marketing any products. However, the Fabry disease pharmacological treatment migalastat is its most advanced candidate. The treatment works to stabilize endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase. Amicus Therapeutics also worked collaboration with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline from 2010 to 2013 on co-formulation with alpha-galactosidase to advance migalastat monotherapy. Amicus uses contract manufacturing because it has no manufacturing capability. The company opened a San Diego research site in 2008. This is its second research facility.


The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Alzheimers’s Drug Discovery Foundation has provided grants totaling over $700,000 to Amicus Therapeutics to support the research the company is doing in collaboration with UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine. Amicus got proprietary intellectual property and material for treating Pompe disease through its purchase of Callidus Biopharma in 2013. It also paid $947 million to acquire Scioderm in 2015.


Former CEO Donald Hayden, Jr. is now Amicus Therapeutics’ lead independent director. David Lockhart is its chief scientific officer and the company’s director of exploratory biology is Brandon Wustman. Amicus Therapeutics is traded on NASDAQ under the trading symbol FOLD. The company is internationally known for its groundbreaking research.

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Treatment Options at Osteo Relief Institute

If you suffer from arthritis and are in the Monmouth County area, the Osteo Relief Institute may have a solution for you.

Although arthritis is one of the most common ailments today, many may not know that it is not actually one disease. It is instead a blanket term that covers nearly one hundred different conditions. The commonality being joint pain, which may be temporary or chronic. Osteoarthritis is the most common, and characterized by degeneration of soft tissue and cartilage. The Osteo Relief Institute specializes in the treatment of not only osteoarthritis but many other types which may affect day to day life.

It may be helpful to know that excess weight, family history, age and possible previous injury are risk factors for osteoarthritis. However, whether risk factors are present or not, there are best practices recommended by Osteo Relief Institute and others, in order to minimize the damage caused and maximize the quality of life.

Daily routines include light stretching and exercise, managing diet and weight, build muscles, but avoid joint impact movements. In addition, there are some medical options which may be recommended by professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute on a case by case basis. These include physical therapy–which may add home routines in addition to the light stretching above–medications, to surgical options such as joint repair. Discussing all options with the professionals of Osteo Relief Institute is recommended.

Osteo Relief Institute focuses on the latest and greatest methods for treatment of arthritis in its various forms, and its highly-trained professionals are multidisciplinary, consisting of physical therapists and physicians.

Above all, Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to providing the best options for each patient to manage their arthritis by whatever means necessary, with an eye toward avoiding surgical options if at all possible.

If you or a loved one are suffering from arthritis, The qualified professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute may be able to help. Call 732-443-0649 for more information.

First and foremost, Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to the principle that all patients that come through their door have all options available with regard to the treatment of arthritis (Crunchbase).

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