Cotemar In The Mexican Market As A Pioneer

Mexico is known for its resources and technology-based companies. Many of those are entering the worldwide market through the big door. Whatever Cotemar is doing, they are doing it right. As one of the most engaged companies in the infrastructure and transportation businesses all over the country, they are the go-to company that partners up with the best in the world.



What is Cotemar as a company?



When it comes to offers for the construction of projects, hiring, and construction, it would be a suicide to present an offer for a project without an estimate of costs and these estimates are not the same as budgets. All successful construction companies require good supervision of business management. In small companies, often by necessity, the cost estimator is the project manager. In larger companies and larger projects, two cost estimating teams can be found that develop their estimates in a completely independent way and then underpin their plan to a competent business management in a proposal analysis process that is carried out before to present this proposal to compete for the project.



The responsibility of a company to the community



This is exactly what Cotemar offers. They are an all-in industrial management company that designs plans and maintains housing units for offshore platforms. They are not only a reference company when it comes to the quality of their services, but a great place to work, according to their collaborators. They make sure at Cotemar that the people working for the company have the utmost protection and equipment to perform their job properly. On top of their already impressive treats as a company that puts Mexico ahead and portrays it as a paradise of God business and top-quality companies, they open their umbrella even bigger by making a significant change. They are involved with some projects for the betterment of their communities and their collaborator’s personal areas, as well as recycling programmers and initiatives.



With an expert group of specialists, cutting edge advances and years of notoriety, they additionally have the right stuff to match with regards to the most vital element of any organization: customer fulfillment. With a promise to guarantee that the customer is constantly happy with the work was done, they have a group of specialists and arrangements because of clients at all circumstances, making it a wholesome and focused organization.

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Bruce Levenson’s Saga As Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks

The dust still hasn’t quite settled over the sale of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks that occurred in the summer of 2015 as right now former owners Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit Group are trying to settle a dispute with the organization’s former insurance company. But, for ESPN, it’s safe to say it’s just a bump in the road for Levenson who ran the franchise quite well as the majority shares owner from 2004 to 2015. Levenson also owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for part of that time as well until they relocated back to Winnipeg in 2011. In addition to owning an NBA team, Levenson has been successful in the business and journalism fields.

Bruce Levenson is originally from the Washington D.C. area where he is still heavily involved in community programs. He graduated from Washington University with a degree in journalism and was considering going into law for a brief period. He does hold a J.D. from American University, but while attending law school there he contributed to the Washington Star paper and found his passion in that field. In 1977 Levenson and his friend began their own publication company out of their own home, and that company became a massive media giant named Unified Communications Group (UCG). UCG is a leading digital market research organization and the owner of the GasBuddy app.

Levenson’s philanthropy has been aimed at the welfare of the Jewish American community, and education for young people in the inner city. According to PR Newswire, he’s served as president for the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He’s a member of Seeds of Peace, Birthright Israel, SEED Foundation and BBYO and also the founder and trustee of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership.

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The Traveling Vineyard – Brilliant Financial Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level advertising organization that was founded in the year 2001 when they held their first in-home wine sampling event. They deal with three types of wine which include: red, white and sweet wines.

This company has a substantial number of followers on social media platforms. This is because the company produces many wines that are liked by a lot of wine drinkers. People can join the company and establish themselves as a wine marketers. This provides the opportunity to make money for a living and perhaps even become wealthy.

Once working at The Traveling Vineyard, a worker will be able to earn 35% of all the sales that are produced and get paid three times within the month. Workers will begin as wine guide with a possibility of making $100 for every event held. The company rewards good performance with occasional trips. Therefore, wine earnings fundamentally rely upon a worker’s marketing efforts.


There are many benefits of joining The Traveling Vineyard. The three main benefits are Flexibility, Financial Reward, and Friendship.

Flexibility – Wine guides have the ability to set schedules that they choose. This means that the job provides the ability to work at different times. Any worker can decide to work as little or as much as they want depending on how much free time is available.

Financial Reward – Wine guides can make a side income or a full time income depending on marketing efforts. If a worker puts in a lot of effort, they may be able to bring back big financial gains from that effort.

Friendship – Wine guides can make friends from all over the world. Being an independent worker does not mean that you are working alone. There are regional meetings and an annual harvest where workers can meet each other and discuss strategies about the wine business and their personal growth.

A Focus On InnovaCare Health’s Leadership Team

In any organization, leadership is a crucial function of the management, as it enables the company to maximize efficiency and achieve results. Visionary leaders are able to initiate actions by ensuring that their subordinates are aware of the company’s policies and plans, besides motivating them to work towards a common goal. Competent managers supervise their juniors and provide them with feedback about their performances. Leaders create confidence in their subordinates by giving them resources to achieve the set goals. As a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Plans, InnovaCare Health attributes its success to its exceptional team of leaders.

Richard Shinto, M.D

He has an extensive experience in the clinical and operational healthcare industry. Dr. Richard Shinto has been writing articles on subjects like clinical medicine and healthcare. He is an alumnus of the University of California at Irvine and the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned his B.S. and a medical degree respectively. Rick Shinto graduated with an MBA from the University of Redlands. His sound educational background earned him leadership positions in various companies, including Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, NAMM California, and MedPartners. Previously, he worked for Aveta Inc. as the CEO. Read more about Rick Shinto on

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a healthcare expert. For 20 years, Penelope zeroed in on government programs and managed care. She is a graduate of the Bingham University, New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health. Owing to her extensive experience and sound educational background, Penelope has held top leadership positions in different companies such as Touchstone Health, Centerlight HealthCare, and Americhoice. Initially, she was an employee of Aveta Inc. where she held two different leadership roles before joining InnovaCare Health. She is highly knowledgeable in developing clinical programs.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare operates two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. They are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. These plans have a membership base of more than 230,000 clients. More than 7,500 service providers avail their services to these clients. Both MMM and PMC offers high-quality care and innovative programs that promote emotional and physical well being of their members. In addition, InnovaCare Health manages two Medicaid Plans in the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico where members benefit from a broad coverage provided through a coordinated care model. MSO of Puerto Rico is affiliated with InnovaCare. The firm was established in 2009. The entity helps leading Medicare Advantage companies in Puerto Rico to consolidate their places as leaders in the industry, as they work to improve quality of healthcare.

Andrea McWilliams is recognized as a devoted philantropist

One of Texas’s standout and award-winning activist & political fundraisers, is Mrs. Andrea McWilliams. Mrs. McWilliams is legendary civil servant, who is lauded for her extensive set of skills. Mrs. Andrea McWilliams demonstrates sophistication under great moments of stress and exudes a vast aptitude for fortitude. An abundant amount of people, are aware of Mrs. McWilliams’s astonishing power, that she readily makes use of, when combating the untold problems, that she is frequently, up against. Mrs. Andrea McWilliams depends on her skills, when considered necessary, in the private and the public sector, as well.


Mrs. Andrea McWilliams, established numerous high profile associations, while serving as the venerated co-Chairperson, while at the Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign, in Texas. According to the Morning News group, in Dallas, Mrs. McWilliams is listed as one of the leading top lobbyist, in the entire state of Texas. The organization, Public Justice for Texans, also considers Mrs. Andrea McWilliams, to be the top lobbyist. They too, have her listed on their extraordinarily privileged, “Million Dollar Lobbyist”, list. Capital Inside, has gone so far as to list Ms. McWilliams, as the leading Impact Player, in the business.


Mrs. Andrea McWilliams has a far reaching history of know-how, as a faithful Lobbyist for her patrons. She is valued, for her capability to reach lawmaking closures, when in front of unbelievable adversity. According to news posted by Capital Inside, Mrs. McWilliams is also prized for her propensity, which was invaluable in protecting a $3 billion cancer exploratory fund.


Andrea is an accomplished fundraiser, for President Bush. She is also known, as the first to become a Bush Pioneer. Andrea is a philanthropist who volunteers habitually, for the public. Andrea is a ally of the arts and backs numerous nonprofit undertakings, for instance, Pioneer Farms.

How Memorial Health has benefited from Maggie Gill’s Financial Expertise

As one of the most influential executives in Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has led the company through several professional triumphs. Gill joined Memorial’s leadership team as the vice president of finance in 2004. She was also in charge of managed care at the institution’s Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). In 2005, Gill was promoted to chief operating officer for her diligence while serving as VP. She also became the interim chief financial officer two years later. Gill was instrumental in assisting Memorial Health to save over $30 million in one year when she served as CFO. Memorial Health’s executive board also elected Maggie Gill as the institution’s chief executive officer and president in 2011.

Maggie Gill provides VPs, senior VPs and physician leaders of MUMC with leadership advice. She also manages the institution’s government relations, neuroscience programs, and internal audit. Her role as Memorial’s CEO also allows her to oversee the institution’s physician relations, orthopedic programs, corporate communications, and the Heart & Vascular Institute.


Professional and Academic Background

Gill has held the chief financial officer position for several health institutions. Before joining Memorial Health, she created financial strategies for Tenet Hospitals as the CFO. Her role at the institution was recognized when she won the Tenet Outstanding CFO Award three times. Currently, Gill offers strategic planning insights to the American Hospital Association Governing Council. She is also a board member of the State Medicaid Subcommittee that focuses on Medicaid expansion. Gill attributes her successful financial career to the MBA she acquired from Saint Leo University. She also cherishes undergraduate finance degree she obtained from Florida State University. To further her knowledge of strategic thinking and management, Gill attended the Wharton School.


The 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards

During Gill’s tenure as the CEO of Memorial Health, the company bagged seven Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards. The Georgia Medical Society presented the awards to Memorial Health. As she attended the award ceremony, Gill was proud that her company was honored for its services in the healthcare sector.

The Annual Health Care Heroes Awards usually acknowledge professionals who have dedicated their careers to serving people. Georgia Medical Society evaluates professionals whose efforts have an impact on both present and future generations. Memorial Health won on the Health Care Innovation category for its Primary Care Accelerated Track Program. The institution’s Teen Drivers Program that educates teen drivers about motor vehicle safety received a Healthcare Education Accolade.

Innovation Helps Copa Star Hospital Create Unique Care Facility

In October 2016, Copa Star Hospital opened the doors of a brand new state-of-the-art facility to the patients of Rio de Janeiro. Within its short time of opening the hospital has set a priority for the community it serves to become a unique and high-quality facility. Visit their facebook page.

The 105 room and 21 thousand square foot facility is serving patient care in a luxury style and high-tech environment. Designed to optimize the care experience for patients within the Copacabana area, south of Rio de Janeiro, the new facility is spacious, light-filled and comfortable.

The cost of more than $1 million for the innovative structure is an investment the patients of Copa Star Hospital have received a very healthy return on. It is a one-stop comfort medical center for receiving the best care in a high-tech environment. Copa Star Hospital has created an innovative smart hospitality system which allows a vigorous technical approach to the 21st century. The benefits of their enormous undertaking to build a hospital with smart technology are already beginning to show great progress.

Copa Star Hospital has been able to decrease energy costs by as much as 50% in less than six months of opening. The patient-centered facility has set the bar high for its counter-parts and hospitals world-wide for meeting those standards of efficiency.

The Copa Star Hospital staff imitates the caring spirit and compassion of the region. The staff sets out to meet their high expectations for delivering the vision of the hospital and for achieving their critical role of making patient care paramount.

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The medical staff of over 550 employees and 113 physicians makes Copa Star Hospital one of the most sought after medical centers in the region. Their ability to reach the medical professionals needed for the specialized care has contributed greatly to their expansive efforts for meeting their vision. Copa Star Hospital has made a commitment to treating patients in a professional-agile style environment. Their pledge is to bring forth a high-level of care that is technologically unprecedented while maintaining the integrity of patient privacy. They have succeeded in achieving their goal.

The decision to build a facility such as Copa Star Hospital is one that must take in consideration the risks of not meeting the expectations of the community and the patients they serve. A hospital is measured on providing a safe environment, high-quality care and first-rate service to their patients. They’re also entrusted to offer a range of specialties and advanced technologies to meet the patient’s needs. The extraordinary achievements of the Copa Star Hospital exemplify outstanding innovation and excellence.

Copa Star Hospital has earned the highly-respected and trusted reputation from the people of Copacabana in whom they continue to serve extremely well.

Chris Burch: Why Fashion and Technology Have a Symbiotic Relationship

The fashion and technological world have experienced remarkable changes in recent times. What remains constant is the fact that both industries have grown concurrently. Legend has it that through the years, technology has become fashionable whereas fashion has become increasingly technologically fashionable. Entrepreneur, Christopher Burch opines that the trajectory has been not only fascinating but also symbiotic.


Rolling Back the Years


According to Chris Burch, we can only understand the future of the fashion and technology world by examining the past. During the 70’s, the boom box used to elicit excitement since users could tune into their favorite stations and listen to hit songs of the time. The device’s use became part of movie story lines during the 80’s, something that enhanced its popularity all the more.


In the 90’s, there was a need to create a more personal and intimate music experience. This spurred the development of the Walkman and later on, iPods. This trajectory clearly shows that the growth of technology heavily relies on what consumers consider to be fashionable. Presently, the correlation between fashion and technology is at its strongest, and even more evident. Fashion designers revel in creating items that match users’ expectations.


Technology advances have made it easier to come up with intricate designs. Technology has led to more innovation and functionality in the fashion industry. Fashion designers agree that technology is their new playground since it gives them the opportunity to experiment and play around with designs and prototypes. It similarly accords them endless opportunities that they can use to perfect their trade.


What Does the Future Hold?


Fashion and technology will continue benefitting each other in the long run. Fashion creators are increasingly incorporating technology into their designs. For instance, an airbag for cyclists is in the pipeline and promises to offer more protection than regular helmets. Burch states that this relationship should be nurtured since it promotes innovation in both industries.


Chris Burch in Brief


Mr. Burch has experienced insurmountable success as an investor in the fashion, technology, and real estate industries. His brainchild, Burch Creative Capital, is a legendary brand in the corporate scene. Chris has also contributed immensely to the growth of notable brands including Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, and Jawbone.


His successes have afforded him the opportunity to serve on the executive boards of notable firms including Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group. The Ithaca College alumnus has an extensive investment portfolio with diverse interests in the UK, Indonesia, and Argentina.

Why Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes the Internet Of Things Can Change The World

Futurists are visionaries. They are people who can anticipate change and envision that which does not yet exist but could be possible. Some futurists accomplish this through using the science of forecasting while others envision the future through writing books in the genre of speculative fiction about possible worlds.

Yet other futurists use the visual mediums of film or painting to illustrate their ideas about the world that is to come that most excite them. Entrepreneur Jason Hope can be counted among a corps of professionals that are using the skills that they have cultivated in their respective fields to help move humankind towards a future that is bright, more equitable and more efficient. Jason is doing this by working through the field where his expertise lies: technology.

Most consumers are by now quite familiar with the internet. The internet began as a technology that was meant to make communications in the military more efficient but today it is used to make mass communication between people across various parts of society and around the world much easier than it has ever been. It is able to accomplish this through connecting computers and computer networks around the world. Jason believes that a technological advancement that is known as the Internet of Things can help move the world forward and transform the way that people do business. The Internet of Things shares some similarities with the standard internet that most people are familiar with. According to Endgadget the Internet of Things also facilitates connections between devices but those devices in question are not necessarily computers but devices like the cars we drive, the refrigerators we depend on to store our food, the microwaves that heat our food or the washing machines that clean our clothes. Jason Hope believes that when these devices are designed to work in concert with one another through the Internet of Things they can make life function much more efficiently for the average person.

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The Atlanta Hawks Basketball And Entertainment Allegations Against The Insurance Company AIG, For A Breach of Contract.

The former owners of The Atlanta Hawks NBA team, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), have filed a lawsuit against their insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company also known as AIG.

The new owners, led by the leader Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler are clear of the AHBE allegations. Bruce Levenson is a member of the AHBE owners. Bruce Levenson is also the UCG founder, a businessman and philanthropist. See,

The spokesperson of the new team owners noted that they are aware of the ongoing complaints by AHBE, but do not have a current relationship with the former owners.

The lawsuit states that the insurance company breached the contract with the settlement claims raised by the former general manager of the team, Danny Ferry.

The case filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13th.The lawsuit also called AIG, further stated that the allegations are a legal act for the breach of contract. According to AHBE, the insurance company signed a deal to provide coverage for damages caused by employment changes. The coverage terms and conditions stated that the company would claim patents for wrongful termination and workplace misdemeanors.

AHBE notified AIG of Danny Ferry’s claims on April 2nd of 2015 by the agreement made with them.

On June 22nd of 2015, Danny Ferry and Tony Ressler reached a deal of the team’s trade. The disclosure of the sale was announced two days after the agreement. The AHBE then ended its six-year ownership of the team which began in 2012 under a contract worth $18 million.

The court documents state that AIG has entirely denied the claims by AHBE. They have also denied the former owners the alleged rightful coverage for employment termination.

James J. Leonard and Thornburg LLP explained that the court documents are sufficient to vindicate AIG. He also added that his firm would charge the firm 50% of the uncovered damages to pay for the attorney’s services.