CEO Rick Smith Launches New Technology At Securus

Rick Smith is one of the most prominent names in the corrections industry. He has a large amount of experience in the fields of technology, corrections, telecommunication, finance, and business structure. This allows him to be the most effective leader for companies that is possible. He started by attending the Rochester Institute of Technology and getting an associate degree there. He then got his bachelor’s and master’s engineering degrees at the State University of New York. Rick Smith also earned an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.He broke into the business world when he became part of the Global Crossing North American Inc. team. He worked with them for over 20 years and held a number of positions during his time there. He did so well that he was continuously promoted. In 1998, he decided to spread his wings and he got a job worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Eschelon Telecom Inc. He was then promoted to President and later on became their Chief Executive Officer. He was able to make the company over $300 million in income. He also led them toward a highly successful IPO number. He proved himself to be such a key player in the telecommunications industry that he then began working at Securus in 2008. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman.

Rick Smith has been able to completely revolutionize the way the Securus is run. He is focused on releasing new products while still keeping every product and service in the highest quality possible. Rick Smith has grown Securus into one of the most prominent companies in the corrections world and they only continue to rise in popularity. They are now serving a million inmates at thousands of different corrections and law enforcement facilities. One of the ways that Rick Smith has made a name for himself is through his dedication to improving the company’s technology section. Given his background in engineering, he is very interested in keeping up with the latest technology.

It is the future of the industry and he wants to make sure Securus is well prepared to follow suit.One of the most recent ways that Rick Smith has drawn attention in the telecommunications industry is by making video calls a possibility for inmates. Corrections facilities all over the country are now installing chat cameras. This allows the inmates to see their loved ones when they were unable to come visit. It is also saving corrections facilities a lot of money because there is better security. The security improvement came from a decreased number of people coming in and out of the facility. Rick Smith continues to make improvements in Securus’ services and their quality.

Seattle Genetics Still Making Strides with Clay Siegall at the Helm

A group of individuals who shared a common plan came up with Seattle genetics in 1998. Clay Siegall is the company’s CEO. Clay also sits in the board of governors and is celebrated for having secured $ 1.2 billion in funding for the company’s research work and its expansion.

Seattle Genetics

Palliative care, science and developing medicine are the central specializations of Seattle Genetics. The company is in the front line in drug development for those diseases whose mortality rate is still high. FDA approved a product by Seattle Genetics consequently making it possible for the company to produce its new drug called ADCENTRIS. With the partnership of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, this drug has reached more than 60 countries so far.

Work Experience

Long before Siegall founded his company, Seattle Genetics, he worked for ‘Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’. His stint at the ‘National Institute of Health’ lasted for three years. He is a board of director in the Alder BioPharmarceutical and the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.

Accolades and Recognition

Clay is a researcher and as such his writing in the field of medicine is vast. He has written 15 books and 70 papers. In 2013, Clay was awarded the ‘Alumnus of the Year’ by his former university: ‘University of Maryland’. One year before, Clay was the recipient of the award ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’.


At the University of Maryland, Clay studied Biology. His interest in DNA and matters of genetics and heredity brought him back to the university for a Ph.D. He graduated with this degree from ‘George Washington University’.

Vision and Mission of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics hopes to combat diseases whose mortality continues to grow unchecked. Curative medicine is therefore the basis of the creation of Seattle Genetics. Clay recalls how he had to helplessly watch as his father slipped away, day by day, into death’s trap due to cancer. The five years of agony witnessed motivated Siegall to work on cancer research.

New Entrepreneurs

To the new entrepreneurs, Clay encourages them to mingle with those with more experience. Networking and forming relationships is a sure way of learning the ropes in the industry.

End Citizens United Has Historic First Quarter Fundraising Success

There has been a huge push for equality at the top parts of the United States government but most people wouldn’t realize it, especially with the election of Donald Trump as President. A group run by Tiffany Muller called End Citizens United is slowly doing everything that it can to take back Washington D.C.’s political machine from special interests, corporate lobbyists, and the huge problem that is dark money in politics. The name of Tiffany Muller’s political action committee is based off of the astonishing Supreme Court decision that was made in 2010. Citizens United, a conservative group, approached the Supreme Court in order to loosen the restrictions of dark money in politics. For a wonder, the Supreme Court relented and the government has suffered ever since.


Still, End Citizens United is one of many groups that is banding together in order to try and take back Washington D.C. from the highest bidder. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on raising funds from regular, every day Americans in order to get politicians put in place who are ready to overturn Citizens United. Through the first quarter of fundraising for 2017 the team at End Citizens United has raised an astonishing $4 million. This $4 million raise in donations, most of which came in at under $15 per donation, is greatly outpacing the 2016 fundraising campaign of the same group. The reason? People are furious. Independents and progressives around the country are absolutely enraged that someone like Donald Trump could win the highest office in the land.


Despite the great fundraising efforts through the first three months of the year, the team at End Citizens United still have a ways to go. End Citizens United is looking to raise a total of $35 million in order to try and make their name a reality. The PAC is getting their team ready for a historic 2018 election race that’ll see a ton of seats in Congress put up for election. If End Citizens United can have an impact on the 2018 election then you could see some real steps taken toward repealing End Citizens United and getting the country back into relatively sane control, rather than being beholden to the highest bidder.


Still, despite great progress in recent months End Citizens United still has a long ways to go. For one, Washington D.C. hasn’t passed a Constitutional Amendment since 1992 and since then the country has only gotten more partisan. In fact, despite support from both the right and left at a civic level, top Republicans in Washignton D.C. refuse to get behind repealing Citizens United. This means that allt he big pressure is coming from just one side of the government.


Vincent Parascandola Leads AXA Advisors To Success

As more people become financially stable due to the availability of jobs, investments also increase since people have the adequate finance to engage in development activities. Financial managers play a huge role as they help people who have vast sums of money make the right decisions, without incurring massive losses in the process of trying to increase their finances.

Financial loss is exactly what Vinny Parascandola ensures his clients never experience by managing their money, and in the end helping them to gain more. Having an experience that spans over 25 years is an additional advantage for him. He can make the right decisions at a particular time by precisely analyzing financial markets and knowing the right moment to invest. As a result, he has become highly sought after as he has the expertise and the results of his work are always desirable.

After undertaking his Bachelor’s degree from Pace University, Vincent Parascandola was highly attracted with financial matters, and that is when he joined the financial management sector as an agent. His will to achieve propelled him towards success, and ensured that his skills were noted while working at MONY Life Insurance. In fact, it happened to be the first company where he worked. Since great effort is always rewarded, Vinny was recognized as the Rookie of the year, due to the great promise that he had exhibited. Since then, he has continued to amass more rewards, but he receives them mainly because of the great effort he puts in his daily duties and the results that he can deliver.

Since joining AXA Advisors as the Vice President of Advantage group, he progressed and became the Senior Vice President of the Company. Vinny has ensured that progress is felt at all levels of the company. The aim is that more individuals can become skilled like him through his efforts of coaching young talented people. Due to his efforts in mentoring youth in the business, he was awarded the GAMA Career Development Award which motivated him to work even harder in ensuring that more talented individuals end up becoming skilled in financial management.

OSI Group Acquires Baho Foods Through The Leadership Of President David McDonald

OSI Group is a private company that specializes in the production of meat and its products. OSI Group prides itself on being a leading provider of meat products with more than 65 facilities spread in different countries. With more than 20,000 workers, OSI Group must have an excellent support system that roots from the management. That is where President McDonald comes in.

As the head of most departments, David McDonald OSI Group has led OSI Group through various production processes. His career began more than ten years ago. Since he joined the company, he has chaired many acquisitions in different geographical areas including Europe. In 2016, David led OSI Group in the procurement of Baho Foods. After the purchase, he stated that OSI Group would have extensive operations in Europe. He also said that the purchase of Baho Foods built the company’s portfolio.

China Celebrations

In 2012, OSI China held celebrations to mark its excellent performance in China. Since the establishment of the company in China, the country has enjoyed the perks of a strong economy. OSI Group in China has set an admirable pace for business. When China held the 2008 Olympic Games, OSI was in charge of all food supplies. From chicken, beef, and pork, there was no customer complaint concerning the quality of food. The committee of food production in China appreciated McDonald’s input in OSI Group. Since then, OSI in China has been a leading food supplier for food in Papa John’s, Burger King as well as Subway.


Global Production

Most global companies have a local presence. For a company with affiliates in America, China, and Europe, it becomes impossible to operate the business. That is however not the case with OSI Group according to President David McDonald on LinkedIn. He explains OSI’s position in the world of global production as a simple, viable business featuring multiple branches with a strong support system. OSI Group understands the government regulations, talent acquisition and cultural differences that may interfere with global production.

Through this understanding, the company has managed to incorporate the skills of a strong team with the aim of production. President McDonald has always cheered the progress of global production across different sectors.

Nick Vertucci Delivers Financial Freedom With His Free Real Estate Academy Workshop

If anyone knows what it’s like to come from nothing to achieve success and prosperity, it’s Nick Vertucci. Unlike some entrepreneurs on, Mr. Vertucci doesn’t try to hide his humble beginnings. To the contrary, Nick wants people to know that he wasn’t born into wealth, so they can see that anyone can achieve the success he has attained in his own life.

On his NV Real Estate Academy website, Nick Vertucci presents himself as an open book, giving potential real estate entrepreneurs a brief, if concise, glimpse into his life. The NV Real Estate Academy founder reveals that he lived a hard life, beginning with the passing of his father at an early age. Nick’s teens were spent watching his mother work day and night to support him and his siblings. Things weren’t much easier, when Vertucci struck out on his own at 18, but he wasn’t content to accept the hand fate had dealt him.

Instead, Nick Vertucci invested in his first business, selling computer parts in the suddenly booming information age. The entrepreneur says he was successful enough to live comfortably, marry, and raise a family.

Of course, the computer boom had to bust, sooner or later, and Nick found himself facing 18 months of unemployment. What might seem like another turn of bad luck ultimately led Mr. Vertucci to find his true life’s calling. A friend compelled him to attend a free real estate investment seminar on and Vertucci says that weekend lecture ended up changing his life.

The lecture inspired Nick Vertucci to thrive in the real estate sector and to become a self-made millionaire at Now an unchallenged success, Nick wants to teach that system to others. He says most people have the desire to transform their lives, but lack the knowledge to achieve financial freedom.

Vertucci hopes that he can help with that, offering a free workshop through his NV Real Estate Academy.

Through the free workshop, Nick promises to teach his students how to start a successful business flipping houses in any market. To do this, Mr. Vertucci will reveal tips and closely guarded secrets that the professionals won’t share. The NV Real Estate Academy workshop will teach attendees how to identify the best properties for earning a profit and how to secure your investments at

What may make Nick’s workshop stand out among the rest is that Mr. Vertucci will show his students how to get started without any money down. The workshop demonstrates a method for using other people’s money to get anyone started in the real estate market.

Glamourous EOS Lip Balm

Evolution of smooth, commonly known as EOS was founded by Sanjiv Mehra who dealt in consumer packaged- goods companies like Unilever, Johnathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (who later started managing an oral care company named Hello Products. Their general idea at that time was to improve the beauty section in the drug store and ultimately make money through creativity. Most corporations and brands at that point were mainly focused on cost reduction though according to Johnathan Teller, they were lazy, so that was their base to opportunity.

With a little research, they realized that most lip balm users were women though initially intended to be a unisex product. Women use lip balms as a beauty accessory in their handbags, but the majority preferred the idea of pots to lip balm tubes though the idea of using their hands to apply the balm lashed them out for they believe it is unhygienic. Through this research, the proprietors thought it wise to introduce an efficient, pleasurable and tailor-made product for a woman’s everyday worldliness.


Based on, the EOS lip balm is original, exclusive, came in stunning flavors and packed in an adorable sphere case which comes in vibrant colors. EOS lip balm hydrates and nourishes the lips with natural and innate ingredients such as; Jojoba oil, Shea butter e.t.c. There are several flavors, but I will focus on three of my favs; EOS strawberry sorbet, EOS coconut milk, and EOS sweet mint.


  1. EOS Sweet Mint (sphere shaped)

This product is 95% organic (innate), 100% natural, petroleum-free, and paraben. It is packed with an antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. It keeps the lips moist, soft and exquisitely smooth and slides on the lip with a bright finish


  1. EOS Coconut Milk

It is enriched with moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamin C & E and natural conditioning oils. Is 99% natural and gluten, paraben, petroleum, and phthalate free. The long-lasting moisture nourishes and smoothes on clear and precisely glides on the lips making them softer and more beautiful, see to shop.


  1. EOS Strawberry Sorbet

Olive fruit oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba seed, sunflower seed oil and strawberry fruit are some of the ingredients contained in this product making it 100% natural. Like the others, it is gluten, paraben, phthalate and petroleum free. Eos keeps the lips moist for long, smoothes on clear, precisely slides on the lips and twist-off top.


We must agree on one thing, all these products give a woman confidence, high esteem and of course smooth lips but the best of all this is a beautiful smile. Why frown yet you can smile with EOS lip balm. You’ve got to love it!


See for more.


Beneful The Top Notch Dog Food for the Top Notch Pooch

Beneful Dog Food is one of the top selling dog foods in the country. Not convinced they’re the best? Neither were the people who asked these questions. Stay tuned and you’re sure to be convinced!

Does Walmart Carry Beneful?

Yes! Walmart carries Beneful in many different flavors.

What Does Beneful Cost at Walmart?

It depends on the type of food you’re getting for your pet, but Beneful tends to go for $10 to $25 depending on the size.

Does Walmart Carry Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon?

It sure does! Just follow this link.

Is There a Wet Food Option for Salmon Flavored Food?

Of course! Beneful tries to plesae every customer’s needs with every option for their pet.

Are There Beneful Coupons for Walmart?

Yes! Though they only work with participating Walmart stores, there are a number of coupons and discounts for Beneful Dog Food on this linked page.

Are There Specials or Rollbacks for Beneful at Walmart?

Like we informed above, only participating Walmart stores offer deals and take coupons, so you will simply have to visit your local Walmart to find that out.

To know more click here.

The Success behind Sheldon Lavin In the Processing Industry

Meat processing and consumption have taken a new dimension with the entry of important companies in the United States of America. OSI Group is a renowned meat processing and distribution company that was established in the early 1920s. The company has been growing steadily due to the leadership skills of Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer And President of OSI Group having taken full control of the company on 1980. OSI Group has many subsidiary companies like OSI International Foods, LLC, OSI Industries and OSI International, Inc. that have contributed to its success story. The company has opened branches in other countries in the world like Philippines, Australia, China, South Africa, India, and Japan. The vigorous expansion has seen it increase the number of employees to over 20,000 spread across the world.

Sheldon Lavin success story at the company began when he organized financing for Otto & Sons when he was working at his consulting firm. The funding requested was to help Otto & Sons who were the predecessor of the company to improve and expand their services. He, however, decided to become one of the major shareholders of the company, his contributions towards the success of the OSI Group became more eminent when one of the sons decided to sell his shares to Sheldon Lavin to look for international investments overseas.

Sheldon Lavin took charge of the company with the majority of shareholding, and 13 years later, the remaining founding sons of the company retired thus leaving him at the helm of the firm’s management. Sheldon Lavin regards his employees as members of his family owing to the good work they have done towards supporting the company into a multinational entity.He is also a renowned philanthropist who has contributed in the advancement equitability in the society. He is the founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inner City Foundation of Chicago and has won many international awards.


Securus adapts battlefield technology to keep U.S. prisons safe

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s premier providers of inmate communication services. Most people recognize them as one of the most prominent inmate calling companies in the United States today. Serving over 3,500 penal institutions, Securus has climbed to the second spot among all prison communications providers. It has saved its clients, prisoners and their families tens of millions of dollars each year, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that meet all of its stakeholder’s needs.


But many people do not realize the extent to which Securus plays a crucial role in the development of new technologies meant to keep prisons crime free and safe for all those who are involved in their day-to-day operations.


One of the technologies that Securus has sunk millions of dollars into developing is an exciting development from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Known as Stingray, this technology allows for the detection and interdiction of all illicit cellular devices and communications. This is a crucial step in the fight against organized criminal activity taking place within America’s jails and prisons.


The most potent threats faced by America’s penal institutions are those presented by organized gang activity. The structure of these organizations often mirrors that of the military itself, with a clearly defined hierarchy and a highly organized structure of command. These gangs are no laughing matter. They have carried out serious crimes, including intimidation of witnesses and even hits on civilians on the outside of prison.


But without illicit communication devices, these gangs find it almost impossible to apply their trades. Through new technology like Stingray, Securus is ensuring that America’s prisons remain among the most professionalized and safest in the world. Not only does Securus keep America’s prison safe, but by ensuring the safe housing of America’s most dangerous inmates, Securus is creating a safer society for everyone.