The RealReal Dives into Beauty

If you’re into all things luxury, then you’ve probably heard of luxury consignment store The Real Real. What began as a start-up now has a physical store located in SoHo, as well as a pop-up shop in Las Vegas. The company ensures that products are authenticated and 100% real, hence the name. There, you can find designer apparel and accessories including items from Prada, Gucci, Coach and other household names. But what you may not know about The Real Real is that they now offer beauty products, as well.

These beauty products have been for sale at their SoHo and Las Vegas locations since the holidays and they are as carefully curated as their fashion pieces. Not only that but they are in line with the ethics of The Real Real, which places an emphasis on sustainability. Therefore, these beauty items are considered “clean beauty” and everything being sold is brand new. Some of the beauty brands being offered at The Real Real include Olio E Osso, Maison Louis Marie, Babo Botanicals, Kahina Giving Beauty, Grown Alchemist, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn and many more.

Olio E Osso, for example, is a brand that emphasizes that “beauty should be simple.” They offer a small but carefully-chosen collection of skincare products and balms. The skincare products are all oil-based and are gentle, moisturizing and ideal for the skin. The balms can be used on either the lips or the cheeks and come in clear, as well as fruity, modern colors such as currant and french melon.

The Real Real follows in the footsteps of brands like Forever 21, which has opened several Riley Rose stores. This store offers skincare, beauty, hair and home products and emphasizes brands that are trendy with millennials such as the fluorescent and glittery Lime Crime and the artsy, innovative Stila.

What The Real Real aims for is offering their customers a range of luxuries, almost like a one-stop luxury store. And while this began with high fashion apparel and accessories, they are now branching out and into the world of beauty and home products.

Malcolm CasSelle Anticipates the Future with Worldwide Asset eXchange

Malcolm CasSelle is the current CIO for OPSkins. OPSkins is one of the top global in-game virtual asset sellers around. CasSelle himself has also been around, serving internet based companies in some capacity or another since 1995. A graduate of MIT with a bachelors’ in computer science, as well as a masters’ from Stanford in the same subject, CasSelle knows what he is doing. He was a top executive in Groupon’s JV with Tencent, Senior Vice President and General Manager for SeaChange, and CTO and President of New Ventures at Tronc INC. before coming to OPSkins. He also speaks fluent Mandarin and Chinese.

As CIO for OPSkins CasSelle has helped them become the largest Bitcoin merchant on earth. An early stage investor in Bitcoin, Facebook, and Zynga CasSelle has a good understanding of the market. That is why he is also the CEO of WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange, a P2P network that represents the future.

Cryptocurrency is still a newborn as far as investment markets go. Gurus and experts alike are out there teaching the masses all about it, but many people still have no idea what virtual currency is. Most big businesses are still staying away, many of them giants in the gaming industry. But sooner or later cryptocurrency will go mainstream, and become a featured part of the gaming industry and that is what CasSelle is banking on.

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a player to player network that allows cross game trade in a decentralized market. Normally this is dangerous because of fraud and fragmentation, but WAX utilized blockchains to provide protection. The market enables gamers to sell assets and currency outside of the game they purchased it in, allowing for a return of investment. WAX allows in-game content to become a viable trade medium, that can be bought or sold like any other commodity on the market. Such an innovation could very well take the gaming industry by storm, allocated cryptocurrency to the mainstream. CasSelle certainly thinks it will, as he said as much in WAX’s initial announcement.


OSI Industries, Celebrating a Century of Food Processing

2018 marked 100 years since OSI Industries was started, and the milestone has seen the company rise from a small retail market and butcher shop in Chicago to a global leader in food processing. The firm has operations in 17 countries across the world in 65 facilities that hire about 20,000 employees. The business was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German Immigrant who after success in retail business. He began Otto $ Sons in 1928.

Ray Kroc, the owner of a McDonald’s franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois, entered into a handshake agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons, Arthur and Harry allowing them to be the first suppliers of fresh ground beef. Otto &Sons would later become a regional supplier and what followed after Kroc had bought out McDonald’s to become its CEO was the expansion of the business. This necessitated the need for consistent products that would be transported over long distances to various McDonald’s outlets. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

Otto & Sons were renamed OSI Industries in 1975, and it became one of the top four suppliers to McDonald’s especially with the introduction of the flash freezing-cryogenic food processing process. With global expansion on the horizon, and Otto & sons becoming older, Sheldon Lavin who was one of the key people involved in the firm’s earlier capitalization efforts was asked to join as a partner. In 1978, they opened a joint venture in Germany, and another in Spain in 1980 expanding in the footsteps of McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin played a critical part in the international expansion, seeing him become chairman and CEO in the 1980s. His strategic growth plans saw OSI Industries engaging in joint venture and expansions in Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, the Pacific Rim and Austria. This included the K&K Foods joint venture in Taiwan, the GenOSI joint venture in Philippines and the Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) plants in Shanghai and Beijing, China. In the US, the company also agree on a partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994. Recently, they have acquired Baho Foods which operates in Germany and the Netherlands, and Flagship Europe which they rebranded to Creative Foods Europe.

Apart from McDonald’s, OSI Industries provide products to SubWay, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King, Papa John and Saizeriya. More expansions have followed ever since in Australia, India, China, and Japan. China and Europe have brought some of the significant rates for the company following its excellence in valued-added protein products such as hamburger patties, sausage links, and pizza.

Their long history and engagements in the food industry have helped OSI Industries utilize technological innovations, client realities, and growth opportunities to become a world leader. They were rated 56th of the largest private companies by Forbes in 2016, and have annual sales of over $6.1 billion.

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Lime Crime’s New Beauty Must Haves.

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. With the arrival of a new season, comes new beauty and new fashion trends. Colorful, shiny, beautiful shades will accentuate your features and give you a glow that can be seen from the moon. Every makeup lover is going to want to add Lime Crime’s cruelty free products to their beauty collection.

This unicorn of a company welcomes spring with the addition of a new heavenly shadow palette. The Venus 3 shadow palette is referred to as the grunge palettes pretty sister. The Venus 3 palette features rousing shades of purple, shimmering rose pinks and natural hues of mauve and brown.

All of the pigments consist of a buttery formula that allow colors to remain vibrant from brush to skin. Each color will compliment any skin tone. They offer makeup that suits every taste. Their Venus 2 shadow palette is a great example of how diverse their make-up selection actually is.

The Venus 2 palette is just as beautiful as its heavenly sister, with a 90’s flare. This palette offers 8 different, highly pigmented colors in bold, daring shades. The Venus 2 palette has interesting on trend colors like marsh, a mossy green, and mustard, a trendy corduroy, yellow shade.

Glowing is a beauty trend I hope is here to stay. Highlighter does wonders for the appearance of skin. Lime Crime offers an assortment of confidence boosting highlighters. Each palette of highlighter has a total of 3 different shades. Each color is full of iridescent pigment capable of creating a natural glow or glam worthy of the red carpet.

Beauty is serious business and if not done properly, others suffer. Lime Crime offers cruelty free, vegan products that are safe for the consumer and animals. Animals, fortunately never get to try these beauty products instead they’re tested on willing, human subjects before they come to market.

OSI Group Now Has Even More Processing Capabilities With New Plant From Tyson Foods

OSI Group decided when Tyson Foods no longer wanted to run a 40-year old processing and packing plant, that they would gladly take over. Many employees had already left the plant by the time the deal was being done between Tyson and OSI, but every employee and manager still remaining was told by OSI that they could keep their current jobs. OSI’s leaders see the plant as a huge asset to its local operations, and it’s been a company that has remained committed to strong growth strategies over the years. In addition to buying the Tyson Foods plant, they had also acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe’s stakes that year.

OSI Group has been one of the world’s top privately-owned food processing companies since it took off in the 1970s, but its history goes back all the way to 1909. Back then it was a small company known as Otto & Sons, a name given by a Chicago butcher named Otto Kolschowsky. The Kolschowsky family put a lot of hard work into the company keeping it open for business even during the hard periods of the Great Depression and World War II, but it reached a brand new beginning in 1955 when it became a partner of McDonald’s. This new partnership opened a new door for them to grow at rates never before seen, so Otto & Sons then started raising capital through loans to build big operating plants. As the growth started, Otto & Sons renamed themselves to OSI Group.

The man behind much of the growth planning at OSI Group in the late 1970s and early 1980s was Sheldon Lavin who applied his financial management skills to the upstart global food distribution company. He helped lead new plant openings in Europe and China eventually building its presence into 17 countries total and making it the parent company of Amick Farms, K&K Foods, GenOSI, Select Ready Foods and Fair Oaks Farms. Lavin is currently chairman of OSI serving with president and chief operating officer David McDonald. OSI runs heavy duty tasks in dangerous environments that have ranked among the world’s most dangerous jobs, but they have made significant investments in employee safety through safer tools as well as making sure employees follow proper procedures while on the job. They adhered to top industry guidelines and had some of the fewest reported accidents in their UK plants, and for that accomplishment they were given the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

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Jeunesse Global ZEN Project 8

Jeunesse is a global company founded in September of 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The vision of Jeunesse is to create long, vibrant life for its clients. By improving the health of people’s bodies and minds, Jeunesse seeks to help adults thrive well into old age. Today, Jeunesse continues to grow in product lines, distributor numbers and client numbers.

One popular product line is ZEN Project 8, which is a weight loss and healthy eating line. With a focus on clean eating and body detoxification, the ZEN program combines healthy habits, great recipes that individuals can make on their own and Jeunesse products for a full-body effect. It is named Project 8 because it is an 8-week program. However, at the end of the eight weeks, individuals can continue on through the maintenance phase, adding in other detoxifying and fat-burning phases in the future as needed.

During the first week of the program, individuals will detoxify their bodies to get rid of bloating. This includes cutting out certain foods and drinks that may be causing the body to hold onto fluids. ZEN Prime and ZEN Fuze will also be used during this phase as individuals focus on eating only clean foods.

In the second phase, individuals will begin burning fat by using ZEN Shape capsules and ZEN Fuze shakes. This phase is usually continued through the fourth week although it can be extended for those who want to burn away more fat. This phase will also include strength training and cardio for building a lean body.

The third phase is a maintenance phase and puts together all of the pieces of the puzzle while continuing to use the ZEN Project 8 products for health and wellness. ZEN Prime is a cleansing capsule that uses natural extracts and enzymes to restore liver health. ZEN Shape increase metabolism and burns unwanted fat. ZEN Fuze is a delicious chocolate shake mix with a high-protein blend. ZEN Fit provides amino acids in an easy liquid packet form. Used together, they can build a healthy body that is youthful, slim and strong.


Did Wes Edens Draft Antetokounmpo to Challenge Announcers Pronunciation Skills?

American sports announcers have many skills, which usually include superior pronunciation skills. Unfortunately, for some of them, they are running into a few international names that have confused them to no end. A good example is Giannis Antetokounmpo – Did Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks Draft Giannis Antetokounmpo’s to challenge NBA announcer pronunciation skills?

Greek Freak

The NBA continues to expand its international appeal. Unfortunately, some of the American sports announcers have not upgraded their pronunciation skills.If you listen to UEFA soccer announcers, you will hear Brazilian, English, French, Spanish and Italian names on most of the teams. How did American announcers handle Zlatan Ibrahimovich, when he joined the LA Galaxy? The European sports announcers don’t seem to have any problem pronouncing foreign names. And neither should they. If you think about their profession, their job is to pronounce words. These include a variety of long names. If the player has a long name, then the announcers need to adjust. Wes Edens might have wanted to challenge the announcers with more foreign players. Wes Edens is from Wall Street, so he knows a thing or two about toughness. Unfortunately, many American sports announcers have not adjusted. They can say Jim Smith, but struggle to say Giannis Antetokounmpo’s name. So, what have they done?Many NBA announcers are calling Giannis Antetokounmpo, the “Greek Freak” to avoid being forced to pronounce his real name. It can be a bit laughable to hear their diversions.

Nigerian Nugget

Giannis Antetokounmpo also has Nigerian ties. So, some might give another nickname, like “Nigerian Nugget.” Either way, it will be easier for them to pronounce than Giannis Antetokounmpo.

NBA Announcers Struggle

It is time that NBA game announcers expanded their pronunciation. Milwaukee can make that dream become a reality. Just imagine the next NBA Draft if the following were announced: “The Milwaukee Bucks pick Svi Mykhailiuk of Kansas.” The NBA announcers might have a heart attack.Some of the NBA announcers have started pronouncing Giannis Antetokounmpo properly. It is their job to do so. Others have shown their laziness and will lose credibility.The NBA is international. The next #1 draft pick might be a foreign player, Luka Doncic. Wes Edens is forcing the NBA announcers to step up their game.

The Contributions of Randal Nardone to the Financial Investments Sector.

When Randal Nardone joined Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman to start an asset management business, he knew that they would face intense competition from other established corporations. Other than being a co-founder at Fortress Investment Group, Randal oversees other various activities in the firm in his position as the chief executive officer. Fortress Group has offices in New York and subsidiaries in other parts of the world. Over the years, Fortress has expanded to become one of the most respected investments firms around the globe. Fortress investment became the first private equity and hedge fund corporation to go public and trade its shares in the New York Stock Exchange. Due to his hard work and determination to satisfy his clients, Randal Nardone has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth and is among the few billionaires in the United States.

According to the recent list published by Forbes Magazine, Randal is roughly worth about $1.8 billion and sits on position 557. He is a learned fellow with a degree in Biology and English from Connecticut University, and a Juris Doctor of Law from Boston University’s Law School. Before his current positions at Fortress Investments, Randal Nardone had held several positions in various companies around the U.S. He was a principal at BlackRock Financial Management, and a member and partner at Thacher Profitt & Wood law firm. Just before joining his partners and forming Fortress, Randal was a managing director at UBS. The skills and expertise he acquired during his employment days have significantly influenced his success at the company. In addition to his role as a Co-CEO, Randal Nardone has served in the company’s management committee for over a decade now.

As chief executive, his primary role involves coordinating the legal and financial aspects of the business. His experience and professionalism has opened other opportunities and allowed him to work in several different companies. He is a director at Touch Care Holdings, principal of the Credit Corporation, Secretary and vice president of Newcastle Investments Holdings, and chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings.Through the effort of Randal Nardone and his partners, Fortress Investment Group is a recipient of several honors and awards. In the financial year 2013/2014, it received two awards due to the excellent services they offered. It was named the Hedge Fund Manager and Management Firm of the Year by Institutional Investor and HFMWeek respectively. Randal attributes the achievements of the firm to the favorable working environment they offer their employees.

How Would History Be Different If Fortress Investment Group Had Gone Public in 2009?

Timing can be the difference between success and failure. What would have happened if the Fortress Investment Group had gone public “after” Lehman Brothers failed? Remember that Lehman Brothers underwrote the 2007 Fortress IPO with Goldman Sachs.

Boom & Bust Cycle

What goes into the timing of IPOs? The most successful IPOs occur when the public is demanding the product or service provided by the business. In 2007, the real estate market was booming and the Fortress hedge fund had plenty of business with ample land holdings.Before 2008, the banks were packaging housing loans into mortgage backed securities (MBS) and selling them to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet, including one another. Their credit was good and capital was flowing in 2007. Then, as Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns crumbled, the banking world turned on its side. Why? Modern banking is like mountain climbing – all the financial institutions are tied to one another. Unfortunately, when one bank fails, it is like a Domino Effect threatening the entire system. Therefore, the failure of Lehman Brothers threatened all the banks.Luckily, the Fortress Investment Group was able to have its IPO in 2007 – the year before the collapse. The capital was flowing and the IPO made Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Edens billionaires. Would this have been possible if the IPO was in 2009?

 Post 2008 Banking

First of all, there were fewer IPOs in 2009 because the banks were worried about their solvency. Second of all, the timing for a financial institution IPO would have been disastrous in 2009 because the public was angry at the banks. It might have been the worse possible timing for a Fortress IPO.How would it look if the nation was bailing out large financial institutions while issuing more hedge fund shares? The herd lumps in companies by industry and blames them all for the crimes of the few. Plus, 2008 was a failure in risk management – the credit agencies gave Lehman Brother very high ratings, although it was insolvent. How would these credit agencies rate the first hedge fund to go public, the Fortress Investment Group? Chances are that any 2009 IPO valuations would be much lower. There were also stress tests and investigations into executive salaries. How would investors feel about rewarding Edens, Nardone and Briger with billions of dollars?

Timing is Essential

In 2007, the timing was perfect for the Fortress Investment Group. Real estate was booming and its assets were valuable. If it faced the turbulent Credit Crunch After-Effects of 2009, it might have simply stayed private. Also, remember that the stock market had fallen by -40%, so investors were in a bad mood.Now, SoftBank has added the Fortress Investment Group to its wealth portfolio. This has created a massive international financial powerhouse. The SoftBank Fortress conglomeration might have only been possible because the Fortress IPO was in 2007, not 2009.

Professor Kamil Idris Digs In On the Importance of the World Intellectual Property Day

Professor Kamil Idris has constantly worked hard to make the issue of intellectual property a world concern. The professor has been at the forefront of creating awareness among world communities regarding the importance of observing and respecting intellectual property rights. It is also because of his efforts that the World Intellectual property Day has rapidly gained traction and popularity across the Globe. The day was launched eight years ago. The numbers of countries that observe it have increased. The 26th April is the official celebration of Intellectual Property Rights.


Touching Base

According to professor Kamil Idris, it is important to let the ordinary person on the street recognize the relationship between Intellectual Property Rights and the actual daily business that goes on around them. The issues at the center of human concern, globally, can be tackled faster if the matter of intellectual property rights is dealt with. Professor Kamil Idris opines that if intellectual property rights are not observed, the technology required to tackle problems including global warming and other pertinent concerns will not see the light of day and that the world will have to live with its problems for longer, unresolved.


In an attempt to make the ordinary person who might find difficulty with linking the matter of intellectual property with their daily lives, professor Kamil Idris points out that it is because of safeguarding intellectual property rights that technology that enables the world community to enjoy live events coverage including the popular sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympics has been developed and sustained.


The Import of the Intellectual Property Day

The day is dedicated to observing the enormous contributions of various individuals and groups in making life easier through inventions and innovations. It is a celebration of the vast power of humanity through creativity. It is a time to reflect on the intellectual and economic development of humans across the globe and figure out how much growth can be sustained for the future generations to benefit. Modern man enjoys a lot of technological development and also owes it to those who came earlier. It is a great feat now that there has been a lot added to the invention of the wheel. Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese national. He attended the University of Khartoum and has worked as a civil servant and diplomat for the Sudanese government. The Professor is the President of the International Court of Arbitration. He holds a Ph.D. in law.