Lip Balm Can Change The World

When visiting any health and beauty department, customers can find a variety of lip balm options. Many choose based on a long standing preference. The problem was that many of the products were quite the same, from packaging to ingredients, and even flavor or scent options. Suddenly EOS lip balms entered the scene, quickly upended the market, and changed everyone’s expectations.

Short for Evolution of Smooth, EOS provides a fun but also practical line of lip balms. They use the natural and organic ingredients that everyone is looking for these days. They have created brightly colored, sphere shaped packaging that is unique, yet very usable. The flavor/scent profiles are exciting and unique. The pricing provides luxury and style at a competitive rate. Another great benefit is that EOS products are easy to find as they have been picked up by stores everywhere. As the company grows, they are offering more everyday products, such as shave creams and lotions, in a new way.

EOS lip balms were designed to appeal to millenial women and they have succeeded. This is quite an accomplishment considering the long-standing and well known competitors they have gone up against. To those interested in learning more about how this victory was won, check out this interesting and informative article:

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Keith Mann CEO Dynamic Search Partners

Keith Mann is the currently Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Search Partners and also responsible for daily management control. Keith Mann presence in executive search industry has lasted 15 years and above as well as hedge fund compensation, recruitment, and hiring experts. Previously, Keith had been the administration director of Dynamic Executive search recruiting various global financial services specialists. Noteworthy to mention, during these moments Keith identified Hedge fund industry rapid growth and launched an Alternative Investment Practice within the Dynamic Executive Search. In 2006, Keith stretched the organization to a classified equity and later established the leading Executive Search firm, Dynamic search Partners (DSP).

With over ten years of industry experience, Dynamic Search Partners has established a strong professional network industry which has stretched across approximately all levels of expertise. In the organization, Keith Mann helps his clients in building new platforms, hiring strategies, marketing as well as professional work approach for the existing group. Organization ability to understand customer’s details and the associated sensitive executive search facilitate quality results with leading talents along. Noteworthy to mention, DSP client base consists of the most prestigious hedge funds as well as private equity firms.

Keith Mann, Dynamic Search partner’s founder supports the growth of uncommon schools in the society to reduce the success gap and set up a countless number of college graduates from low background students. Additionally, Keith primary goal is to construct an on-going important platform for DSP and help them attain brighter future in general.

In conclusion, Keith Mann has relative worked hard to achieve his success from Dynamic Executive search managing director to CEO Dynamic Search Partners firm. Moreover, his passion for the company apparently is observed from his support and funding uncommon schools to build a better platform for the company and their future in general.

Town Residential Promises Quality

The Town Residential real estate company is one that has only been in business for short time, but in that time they have made major waves. Their luxury living options have allowed them to be one of the most successful companies in New York City because of the way that they work.


Three years is not a long time for businesses to be functioning. In that time, many businesses find a sink or swim moment. Town Residential has never had to deal with that. All of their moments have been “swim” moments. It has allowed them to be as successful as possible and has given them the chance to make things better for their business. It has also allowed them the chance to make major improvements to the way that things are done in their business and with the different things that they have.


The biggest thing that Town Residential has done is that they have shaken up the New York City real estate market. They are in a saturated market. There are many people who are looking for homes in New York City but there are really not that many homes in New York City. This has meant a really high demand and a really low supply of the homes that are available. It has also meant that people have had to look elsewhere to find the homes that they need and to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want out of the city.


It is all about luxury for Town Residential. It is rumored that they have helped New York celebrities to find the homes that they want and they have been successful with all of that. It has also meant that they are able to do many different things that some other real estate companies were not able to do. In the time that they have been in business, they have done the near impossible by always guaranteeing a certain level of luxury no matter where the people are located at in New York City and what they want their home to have in it.


Since they have been so successful, they have been able to open up their tenth office in the city. This is a huge deal for Town Residential. Most real estate companies do not even thrive in the first three years of business. Town Residential is doing better than some real estate agencies have been able to do in three decades. It has allowed them to be better at what they are doing and has given them the chance to make sure that their business is among the best of the best for all of the people who they serve and who live in different areas of the city.


Understand The Pros Of Switching To Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is a platform created by the government to enhance the provision of healthcare and to ensure as many people enjoy the benefits that come with such a program. Initially, people knew about Original Medicare as the only insurance plan but with the introduction of Medicare Advantage it has become easier to access certain services and to have the costs covered like InnovaCare Health.

More people are embracing Medicare Advantage but there are few who still cling to the old system mainly because they are not sure how the new one works. The understanding of Medicare Advantage is simple since this is a relationship where Medicare offers payment to certain registered private insurance companies, which in turn pass the benefits to beneficiaries of the program in form of cover for services offered.

There are many benefits that users enjoy when they embrace Medicare Advantage plans and that is part of what most people are not made to understand when choosing the plans. Below is a preview of some of the benefits and why you need to switch to Medicare Advantage if you are yet to.

One of the benefits those who have already joined Medicare Advantage are enjoying is the ability to receive cover for other services different from what is include in Part A and B Medicare. Such include dental and vision and can be available on application.

Joining the program also allows you to enjoy the maximum out-of-pocket offer that allows you to receive 100% cover whenever the limit is reached. Additionally, some companies don’t place any premiums to the program, so this may be a way to reduce expenses.

About InnovaCare
An innovative and modern physician practice services provider, InnovaCare Health has won a top slot for enhancing service delivery and quality in the clinical industry. For years, InnovaCare Health has invested in the acquisition of technology and skilled workforce, something that has helped them to have a better system.

The leaders that hold the mantle at InnovaCare are also a reason why the company has scored so well in performance. The CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto, is a professional with massive clinical sciences experience and he has authored many articles on emerging issues and deep topics. He enjoys the support of Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides has been praised for her progressive ideas and her experience and skills are vital elements that have allowed the company to remain unshaken even in times of crises.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leads In Sleep Apnea Research And Study To Generate Treatment

With medical professionals becoming more aware of the destructive effects of sleep apnea, more research is being carried out to treat the disorder. In recent years, studies have revealed a correlation between Sleep Apnea and severe medical conditions such as stroke and diabetes.


 That correlation has led to renewed interests and a sense of urgency in finding treatment for sleep apnea. Dr. Avi of Dental Sleep Masters has taken the initiative to lead the study and research of sleep apnea to help diagnose and treat the treat the condition. According to Dr. Avi, people need to be sensitized about sleep apnea as a study shows that only 10% of the people suffering from the disorder have been diagnosed.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel together with his team at Dental Sleep Masters aims to create awareness of the largely unknown medical disorder to help diagnose and treat patients before more damage occurs. The Dental Sleep Master team has created a model that provides better care for patients as well as increasing opportunities in the health community. The model will be available to all primary and secondary physicians as well as certified sleep physicians.


This model will see sleep physicians coming together with dentists who have the capabilities to offer support to sleep disorder patients. Dentists will have to adapt to the new developments as their practices can be used to diagnose and treat the increasing number of sleep apnea patients.


Patients have not fully embraced the traditional methods of treating sleep apnea and therefore alternative treatment methods which are smaller in size, more effective and more user-friendly are being developed.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Dr. Avi is a professional dentist. He has been known to treat sleep disorders. He is the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, a dental practice which also treats sleep patients. He has an extensive knowledge about sleep disorders through years of research, exploring and administering sleep treatment. Through Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi wishes to help dentists all over the world treat sleep disorders by use of oral appliances. He joined Rutgers University where he received a degree in biology and psychology and the New York University College of Dentistry where he earned a DDS.

Wengie’s Strategies for Great Hair


Wengie has become famous for her tips and how to videos surrounding beauty and fashion. In this video entitled10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!’, Wengie offers her viewers some of her favorite tips for having the best hair.


  1. Wengie’s first hack is to always know which vitamins to eat to keep your hair healthy. Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biotin as well as Folic Acid.


  1. Her next tip is to remove all of the old hair from your brush to make sure that you are not putting old oil or dirt back into your clean hair. Using a fine comb to remove all of the old hair and then scrubbing the brush with some good shampoo does the trick.


  1. For those wanting longer hair but don’t have it yet, Wengie suggests putting your hair in two ponytails and then hiding the lower one by teasing the hair above it. This way your hair looks longer from behind.


  1. Applying a hair mask before shampooing your hair in the shower is a great way to keep in moisturized and protected. Boiling some coconut oil in hot water and then distributing it evenly throughout your hair and waiting 30 minutes before showering is an effective way to do this.


  1. Using a towel to dry your hair can be damaging from the friction. Instead, rinse out the water from your hair and then gently pat it dry with a t-shirt. The smaller fibers will be more gentle on your hair.


  1. Spraying hairspray on a make up brush can be used as a way to keep your hair down without rising. Hairspray can also be placed on a toothbrush and used to comb back all of the small baby hairs that still stick out from a ponytail. Also, by spraying a bobby pin, it gives it more grip to stay in your hair.


  1. Getting rid of split ends can be made easy by simply twisting your hair until the split ends stick out from the sides. Then, take a pair of salon scissors and trim them away.


  1. For those of you who want curly hair without spending the time, put your hair in a high ponytail and divide it into 3 to 8 sections. By curling each of those individual sections and releasing your hair, you can get a curly, wavy look in shorter time.


  1. Dry shampoo, baby powder or cornstarch can be put in your hair overnight to make sure that the hair keeps from getting too oily and instead stays nice and moisturized.


  1. Cutting nylon stockings is a great way to create hair ties that won’t damage your hair at night when it’s in a ponytail. With tradition hair ties, the friction can be damaging when sleeping.

Lip Balms Are Used For More Than Healthy Lips

Many people out there will say that they will do anything to improve their overall health, and a lot of time this is true because being healthy helps one’s appearance and everyone wants to look better. It is uncommon to find someone who doesn’t want to look good and healthy. A big motivator for looking good is when someone is receiving compliments based on their efforts to be healthy or look better. An often overlooked aspect for someones health is their lips, but for many people it is actually a factor. Most people have experienced dry and chapped lips, or even peeling or cracking lips, which is much more painful. Lips like these not only hurt, but they do not look very good, which makes it even more important to take care of.

Evolution of Smooth is one of the best solutions out there for taking care of chapped or peeling lips. The lip balm can treat nearly all lip conditions and make them feel better, while healing faster. The ingredients in Evolution of Smooth’s products are safe and of the highest quality, such as coconut oils. This provides the lips with the best nourishment possible, while making them supple. This is an important thing to look at when it comes to purchasing a lip balm because there are many out there that actually contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that hurt the lips in the long run.

The ingredients in EOS’s lip balms allows for natural healing that will allow the lips to maintain their health and fend off future problems with regular use. Using a healthy lip balm daily with keep the lips looking healthy and full indefinitely. This is easy to achieve as well because Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are fairly cheap, cost between 2 and 4 dollars. They can be purchased at major retailers around the country as well as online on eBay.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Returns to Austin

Everyone knows medical school is challenging. Working as a surgeon is arguably even more challenging. With the hierarchical setup of the surgical specialty, it is a field that is still dominated by men. This is what makes Dr. Jennifer Walden so impressive. Dr. Walden was recently named one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazar magazine. In the eyes of many, she has accomplished all of her goals. After completing medical school, she completed her residency and fellowship training in New York City. While training there, she learned from the best about the latest techniques in plastic surgery. After finishing her training, she opened up a successful plastic surgery practice in Manhattan. She also became the first female to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She continues to advocate for patients on this board today. Furthermore, she has published prolific papers and novels on her time in the field as a female. She attempts to disseminate important medical knowledge to the general public by speaking at conferences and appearing on national television. Finally, she also has two successful children and maintains that her mother and siblings are inspirations to her on a daily basis.


Dr. Walden has decided that she has had enough of New York City. She is moving her practice back home to Austin, Texas. With much of her family still in her hometown, she says it made sense to return home. She comes from a medical family. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse in the operating room. She was one of five children growing up in a house that preached education and work ethic. When asked how she became so successful, Dr. Walden replies that it was simply hard work. She tries to model her parenting after her own parents. Despite the success, Dr. Walden remains one of the kindest people on Earth. She consistently puts the needs of others before her own both in and out of the surgical suite. She serves as a testament to all women who desire to attend medical school.

Lawyers in Brazil: Getting The Right Lawyer For Your Case

If you need a business lawyer or corporate litigation lawyer, it’s imperative that you do your research before choosing someone. There are many lawyers in Brazil that handle litigation matters related to business and corporate issues but not all of them will be right for your situation. Important factors to keep in mind as you research lawyers, include reputation, experience and costs.

The lawyer should not only know the business legislation of the area, but also have experience in the area’s court system, need to be willing to provide information about success rates, and should be able to provide references.

An experienced lawyer must not just know the law, the lawyer must have knowledge of the regional court system and the individuals involved in the cases. It would definitely be helpful for your case if the attorney understands what types of arguments will appeal to a given judge.

A smart attorney ought to have a a proven record of getting charges or offense levels greatly reduced, and he or she needs to have experience getting outright dismissals.

In addition to checking referrals, you can check with the bar association to see if the lawyer has a record of any disciplinary actions. It is crucial to the check expertise levels, referrals, and track records of any law firm or lawyer you are considering.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles business and corporate law disputes and related issues. He is popular in Brazil and also has world wide recognition due to his outstanding performance and courtroom style. Mr Ricardo Tosto has achieved great results for numerous clients and is considered one of the best in his field.

When it comes to comes judicial proceeding process, Ricardo Tosto is highly skilled in defending his clients no matter the complexity of the case. His clients include some of the most prominent entrepreneurs, global brands, corporations and multinational firms from a wide variety of industries. With a lot of experience in providing legal representation in high profile cases, Ricardo Tosto comes highly recommended in the Brazilian legal system. He is an awesome litigation lawyer who genuinely understands his clients’ business and legal concerns.

Education Heads The Philanthropic Work Of Dick DeVos

The Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos is best known to me as the head of the AmWay group and as a political donor to conservative causes; however, an interview I read with Dick’s wife Betsy published by the Philanthropy Roundtable revealed the couple are willing to cross the political spectrum to achieve their aims in terms of education reform in the U.S. Despite now being largely retired from his business dealings DeVos I was happy to discover Dick DeVos remains active in a wide variety of causes related to the educations reform he and wife Betsy began publicizing over 30 years ago. Standing up for a cause one believes in can often be difficult when the political beliefs of others do not gel with ones own, but I was pleased to read Betsy’s answer to questions about political leanings included her thoughts that allowing children the best possible education was more important than any political position she and Dick may have. I was also pleased to read that Dick and Betsy DeVos work away from the limelight in their bed to aid education reform, including providing funds to publicize deadlines and availability for school vouchers and choice options around the country community members may not be aware of.


Dick DeVos first came to my attention for his political activities and because of the education reform cause he took up in Florida, which is a long way from his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After first hearing about Dick DeVos I decided to find out more about him and discovered he had been a business leader in a number of different industries from the NBA to his family business of the AmWay Group; despite the impressive achievements he has stacked up in the business world I was more impressed by his commitment to community and non profit groups across the U.S. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has been prominent in providing opportunities for people around the world, including a scholarship for students from developing countries who wish to study business at the Thunderbird School of Business. Other charitable areas of community work Dick DeVos has impressed me with include his leadership of the Willow Creek Association, which looks to lead the people of the U.S. back to the moral values the American dream was built on.