Chris Burch: Why Fashion and Technology Have a Symbiotic Relationship

The fashion and technological world have experienced remarkable changes in recent times. What remains constant is the fact that both industries have grown concurrently. Legend has it that through the years, technology has become fashionable whereas fashion has become increasingly technologically fashionable. Entrepreneur, Christopher Burch opines that the trajectory has been not only fascinating but also symbiotic.


Rolling Back the Years


According to Chris Burch, we can only understand the future of the fashion and technology world by examining the past. During the 70’s, the boom box used to elicit excitement since users could tune into their favorite stations and listen to hit songs of the time. The device’s use became part of movie story lines during the 80’s, something that enhanced its popularity all the more.


In the 90’s, there was a need to create a more personal and intimate music experience. This spurred the development of the Walkman and later on, iPods. This trajectory clearly shows that the growth of technology heavily relies on what consumers consider to be fashionable. Presently, the correlation between fashion and technology is at its strongest, and even more evident. Fashion designers revel in creating items that match users’ expectations.


Technology advances have made it easier to come up with intricate designs. Technology has led to more innovation and functionality in the fashion industry. Fashion designers agree that technology is their new playground since it gives them the opportunity to experiment and play around with designs and prototypes. It similarly accords them endless opportunities that they can use to perfect their trade.


What Does the Future Hold?


Fashion and technology will continue benefitting each other in the long run. Fashion creators are increasingly incorporating technology into their designs. For instance, an airbag for cyclists is in the pipeline and promises to offer more protection than regular helmets. Burch states that this relationship should be nurtured since it promotes innovation in both industries.


Chris Burch in Brief


Mr. Burch has experienced insurmountable success as an investor in the fashion, technology, and real estate industries. His brainchild, Burch Creative Capital, is a legendary brand in the corporate scene. Chris has also contributed immensely to the growth of notable brands including Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, and Jawbone.


His successes have afforded him the opportunity to serve on the executive boards of notable firms including Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group. The Ithaca College alumnus has an extensive investment portfolio with diverse interests in the UK, Indonesia, and Argentina.

Why Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes the Internet Of Things Can Change The World

Futurists are visionaries. They are people who can anticipate change and envision that which does not yet exist but could be possible. Some futurists accomplish this through using the science of forecasting while others envision the future through writing books in the genre of speculative fiction about possible worlds.

Yet other futurists use the visual mediums of film or painting to illustrate their ideas about the world that is to come that most excite them. Entrepreneur Jason Hope can be counted among a corps of professionals that are using the skills that they have cultivated in their respective fields to help move humankind towards a future that is bright, more equitable and more efficient. Jason is doing this by working through the field where his expertise lies: technology.

Most consumers are by now quite familiar with the internet. The internet began as a technology that was meant to make communications in the military more efficient but today it is used to make mass communication between people across various parts of society and around the world much easier than it has ever been. It is able to accomplish this through connecting computers and computer networks around the world. Jason believes that a technological advancement that is known as the Internet of Things can help move the world forward and transform the way that people do business. The Internet of Things shares some similarities with the standard internet that most people are familiar with. According to Endgadget the Internet of Things also facilitates connections between devices but those devices in question are not necessarily computers but devices like the cars we drive, the refrigerators we depend on to store our food, the microwaves that heat our food or the washing machines that clean our clothes. Jason Hope believes that when these devices are designed to work in concert with one another through the Internet of Things they can make life function much more efficiently for the average person.

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The Atlanta Hawks Basketball And Entertainment Allegations Against The Insurance Company AIG, For A Breach of Contract.

The former owners of The Atlanta Hawks NBA team, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), have filed a lawsuit against their insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company also known as AIG.

The new owners, led by the leader Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler are clear of the AHBE allegations. Bruce Levenson is a member of the AHBE owners. Bruce Levenson is also the UCG founder, a businessman and philanthropist. See,

The spokesperson of the new team owners noted that they are aware of the ongoing complaints by AHBE, but do not have a current relationship with the former owners.

The lawsuit states that the insurance company breached the contract with the settlement claims raised by the former general manager of the team, Danny Ferry.

The case filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13th.The lawsuit also called AIG, further stated that the allegations are a legal act for the breach of contract. According to AHBE, the insurance company signed a deal to provide coverage for damages caused by employment changes. The coverage terms and conditions stated that the company would claim patents for wrongful termination and workplace misdemeanors.

AHBE notified AIG of Danny Ferry’s claims on April 2nd of 2015 by the agreement made with them.

On June 22nd of 2015, Danny Ferry and Tony Ressler reached a deal of the team’s trade. The disclosure of the sale was announced two days after the agreement. The AHBE then ended its six-year ownership of the team which began in 2012 under a contract worth $18 million.

The court documents state that AIG has entirely denied the claims by AHBE. They have also denied the former owners the alleged rightful coverage for employment termination.

James J. Leonard and Thornburg LLP explained that the court documents are sufficient to vindicate AIG. He also added that his firm would charge the firm 50% of the uncovered damages to pay for the attorney’s services.


Why Oncotarget is a Great Tool For Effective Writing

Oncotarget may be one of the most viable options available for learning how to write properly. Unfortunately, many writers who wouldn’t necessarily be considered as being avid by any sense find it difficult to put their thoughts into writing. As a result, readers may have a difficult time in comprehending what the writer is trying to relay to them in message form. If you are unsure about what you can do to become a better writer, then please do not hesitate to see what Oncotarget offers.

Oncotarget is a wonderful tool to learn about proper mechanics of writing. It has an effect of making anybody a better writer, regardless of their current skill level. Writing is an essential element of communications. Much of today’s business and social work involves some form of writing. Unfortunately, there are a great percentage of people who do not place as much importance on writing as they may need to. Becoming a better writer can expand one’s possibilities of attaining work. Not only that but they may feel much freer from knowing that they are abe to express themselves in writing form; something that many people are unable to do effectively. Why not give Oncotarget a try? It will develop you writing habits to the point that you will find joy in doing it. Writing has always been and always will be one of the most preferred methods of communicating. Although one may not see it as being too important today, they may find it to be important one day. Why not utilize Oncotarget today so that you will be prepared to write expressively at a later time? You will not regret making the decision of utilizing Oncotarget for the purposes of making you a better writer.

Securus answers GTL claims with challenge

GTL, one of the prison communications industry’s minor players, was recently taken to task by its larger competitor, Securus Technologies. Securus issued a challenge for GTL and itself to engage in a technological showdown. Securus suggested that the two companies pit their respective video visitation technologies against one another, to be judged by a third party. Despite the level-playing-field offer from Securus, GTL flatly declined to participate. Securus interpreted this to be vindication of its products and a de facto admission on the part of GTL that its video visitation technology is subpar.



Saving inmates money and generating income for prisons



Since its rollout over a decade ago, Securus’ video visitation software has proven enormously successful. This is due to its dual purpose of serving the inmates themselves as well as serving the needs of the institutions that employ it.


The video visitation system is capable of saving inmates and their families thousands of dollars per year while extending them the capability to stay in nearly uninterrupted contact with each other. This unprecedented level of communications capability between inmates and the outside world has materially contributed to a reduction in disciplinary actions and recidivism in prisons that have installed Securus’ system.


However, the institutions themselves also stand to gain, often handsomely. This is because the jails and prisons where the system is installed typically get to keep a fraction of the cost of every phone call. What’s brilliant about video visitation is that it is actually creating demand that simply didn’t exist before. This is due to the reductions in cost but also to the fact that the technology itself allows for a new means of communication between inmates and loved ones that simply wasn’t possible before. In some cases, these added fees from video visitations can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year.



Makari skin Whitening cream leading the Way

There are no doubts about the fact that our confidence is greatly derived from the way that we look. However, it is also important to note that oftentimes, the way that we look is how we feel. Unfortunately, if one is not feeling their best on any given day, their looks may reflect that as well. Although a great amount of the way we look is dependent on how we feel, it is important to note that there are some aspects of our looks that aren’t necessarily determined by the way that we feel. Among one of these things is blemishes, or spots on our skin. If you are looking for a way to remove such markings that may exist, then you may want to invest in a skin whitening cream.

Although there are a vast array of skin whitening creams available in the department stores that are available for our use today, it is important to note that it is highly recommended for the individual who will be applying the skin whitening cream to their skin invests in a product that is of high quality. This will usually consist of the chemicals that makes the skin whitening cream. An option of skin whitening cream that isn’t necessarily made of chemicals that would be considered to be high quality is not one that should be considered as being a viable option for either restoring the color of one’s original skin tone, or whitening it a bit more from its original skin tone. Whether you are looking for a product that you can utilize for the long term, or one that you may just want to try for a while to see if it is something that you may want to consider using to a longer extent, then please do not hesitate to see what options are available through the company of Makari. Makari is a leader in the skin care department and one that should be relied upon to provide you with what you need.

Shea Butter Moisturizes, Nourishes Winter Skin


Winter is a harsh time of the year when cold winds blow and snow covers the ground, and it’s also a time when our skin can get very dry and scaly. That’s because it needs more nourishment and moisturizing in winter, and one way to do that is with Shea butter.

Shea butter is a fatty product made from a West African nut called a karite or butter seed. It is well-known for its ability to heal the skin. The shea tree is protected because this karite nut is very valuable for medicine, food and for providing income, especially for women in the area.

After the nuts are picked, they are crushed and boiled, and the butter is extracted out, then it rises up to the top of the boiling water and is scooped out into containers and cooled. No chemicals or synthetic substances are added. Sometimes a press is used to extract the butter, which is quicker, but still, no chemicals or other items are added.

Shea butter moisturizes the skin by penetrating deep into its layers to get rid of redness and dry skin. It also protects from the sun, and prevents windburn, as well as having anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties. Shea butter has nutrients and vitamins such as A, E, and F, as well as phytonutrients. Its healing range goes from five percent to 17 percent.

It can also be used to make a type of soap called African Black that is very gentle to the skin and doesn’t strip the skin of moisture.

One of the best suppliers of Shea butter is Eu’Genia Shea, a family run mother daughter business that donates 15 percent of the profits to education. They are also dedicated to offering fair wages and jobs for women in Ghana. It was founded in 2014 and began by using their grandmother’s special recipe for making shea butter, which they brought to America in the form of Eugenia Shea.

Founder Naa-Sakle Akuete is a good example of a business woman who is aiding her fellow women in Africa to have a better life, all through the making of this marvelous product called Shea butter.

Makari: Skin Whitening At It’s Finest

The Skincare Industry is one of the most popular industries in modern time as well as the past. There are hundreds of brands and products on the market, but if you’re a person of color, finding the right product can be very frustrating. To by-pass all of the frustration, have you heard of brand named Makari?

Makari or Makari de Suisse is a premier skincare line for brightening the skin. Unlike other similar brands that use inferior or dangerous ingredients, Makari is all natural as it uses many of mother nature’s gifts to whiten the skin complexion without having any adverse side effects. Makari, which means “beautiful” in Swahili, uses the highest of quality ingredients, is manufactured in Switzerland, and it offer people of color a natural approach to healthy skincare.

There are more than 60 products under this luxurious line. Whether you’re into serums, soaps, lotion, or capsules, has a specific formula for you. These products will remove age spots, acne marks, discoloration, dark spots, and stretch marks with consistent use. Makari de Suisse is setting new trends, changing the status quo, and is raising the bar much higher.


The Future of Cancer Research

When it comes to the fight against cancer, cancer research plays an incredible role for eradicating this dangerous and deadly disease. There are numerous cancer research organization around the world today, but there is one that is setting new trends and changing the status quo. Seattle Genetics is the name and saving lives is the game. Since it’s inception back in the late 90’s, Seattle Genetics has steadily climbed the ranks of cancer research success. Today this Bothell, Washington Organization is at the top of the list in this demanding field of work. Much of the success comes from it’s great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception. Dr. Clay Siegall is the man and he’s on a mission to wipe this devastating illness of the face of the earth. This guy is has extensive educational knowledge thanks to his (BS) in Zoology and his Ph.D in Genetics. Many refer him as a scientist, doctor, innovator, guest speaker, and philanthropist.


Being the CEO and President of a very successful company is not by chance. The good doctor has a great strategy and he uses it to advance in this demanding field. It’s like he has this strict code of doing things to the best of his ability in which others around him picks up on. Seattle Genetics stands on doing critical research, scientific innovation, and drug development. This is the foundation of success which has helped the company earn hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the years. Making such big waves puts the spotlight on you whether you want it or not. Just last year Vice President Joe Biden stopped by company headquarters for congratulatory purposes and Forbes ranked Seattle Genetics as one of the fasted growing companies in America for 2015.


The sky is the limit or should I say the limit is the sky. Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are revolutionizing the fight against cancer in some of the most progressive ways.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition which as destructive effects. According to research, it can often cause death if it is not detected and treated well. As a matter of fact, the sleep apnea can be treated by dentists’ oral therapies which can be developed using the latest technology. There are more than 100 therapies to treat the disease. If the person is lucky enough, he will recover before it is too late. According to recent research, many people are not treated with the medical illness. More than 90 percent of the people infected with the disease are not recognised before another disease sets in.

The research into the causes of the illness is under progress by many dentists in the country. There is no country in the world with such kinds of illnesses than the United States. The population is suffering from these illnesses, and few doctors can detect this disease and treat it with a maturity of construction and training as a dentist. There is always a renewed study which has come with the seriousness of the disease. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and medical doctor who has dedicated his life to the development of solutions and therapies to help doctors and other dentists get the knowledge to treat this medical disorder. As a matter of fact, there are many other diseases in the world which have become so imminent hat people fail to understand the real cause of the disease.

As a matter of urgency, whoever is diagnosed with the disease must first commence the treatment with the immediate effect. The Dental Sleep Masters are a company which was founded by Dr. Avi to treat the patients suffering from this disorder. The company also looks forward to teaching most of the dentists and equips them with the knowledge they desire to keep the medical doctors away and develop the solutions to counter the disease. The company has worked through his guidance to develop numerous treatments through numerous manifestations of the disease in the patients. He has a team of dentists and nurses who experiment and determine the correct method.