Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Can Be Used as a Best Practices Example

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a very automated company which provides top notch results for its clients. Established in 1991, Nationwide enjoys a spotless reputation as one of the leading lien release and abstracting companies in the world.


Eight out of the top ten retail lending and mortgage companies rely on Nationwide for their mortgage and lending documents. These are some of the largest companies in the industries and you know that they would demand excellence in all of their dealings in such matters.


Nationwide has the capability of reaching into each and every county, jurisdiction, and storage facility in the United States so that the proper deeds, liens, titles, abstracts and all other necessary documents can be located and delivered to customers. That amounts to over 3,600 plus locations that need to be available at all times.


Imagine that you are purchasing a new home and you are sitting at the closing. You anticipate moving into you home as it is the dream home that you have desired for a long time. Imagine your disappointment when you are informed that some of the documents need for the closing did not arrive or were incorrect. Your disappointment might even cause you to consider working with another closing agency or even re-evaluating the purchase of a different home.


These are reasons that the delivery timing and accuracy are so important in this industry. The key factors of success are the accuracy of the documents found and the speed at which they are delivered. Nationwide has a compliance rating of 99.98% and a failure rate of only .78% These numbers show that the documents from Nationwide are accurately delivered on time nearly 100% of the time.


As Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales for Nationwide points out, Nationwide has had 25 years to perfect their services and the delivery of their products. The researchers for Nationwide are the best that exist in the industry, and they are trained to manage the process to the highest of any standards.


There are best practices at each, and every step and everything is completely transparent, Byrnes states. The huge investment in technology that Nationwide has made over the years has made compliance and auditing a breeze. He likes to say that the company can hand their customers any document that they need and have it wrapped in a bow. The technology helps to keep costs down, and the prices vendors pay half of what the competition has to charge for the same services.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Proves Again That They are Among the Best

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was originally started in 1991 as a small regional title company that mostly served its local area. Today Nationwide is one of the largest document processors in the nation with eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies and lenders rely on for their document needs.


The mission statement for Nationwide states that the ultimate goal of the company is to deliver the highest levels of accuracy in document procurement and delivery by using research techniques that ultimately protect homeowners while assisting the mortgage industry and also protecting the land records of the country.


The mortgage industry at the wholesale level is a very competitive affair, and the bottom line is how fast delivery can take place and how accurate are the documents? Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.98% and a rejection rate of only .78%. This simply means that nearly 100% of the documents arrive on time and in a very accurate manner.


A great deal of credit is due to the abilities and training of the company employees. They are highly trained and are very capable of handling any contingency that comes about. The company can reach every county in the nation along with any other jurisdiction that houses records. That is over 3,600 locations.


All clients have to do is give Nationwide a call, or access digital portals that are assigned to them to retrieve records. Everything is well in hand where the client mortgage and lending companies can get access to the records that they need by using protected portals which allow them to link up via passwords and codes.


In a closing meeting where the final papers are going to be signed by the buyer and seller, the proper documentation is vital. There need to be lien releases, title verification, and a host of other necessary paperwork that allows the legal transfer of the property once valid consideration is given.


If the paperwork arrives in any form that is not valid, accurate or late, the closing cannot take place. It would seem impossible to have mistakes if things are being sent electronically, but mistakes do happen.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide stressed a point recently that the lengths that Nationwide take to double and triple verify documents as to their accuracy and timeliness of delivery rivals the military as far as redundancy. Without clear-cut procedures and proper training of employees, the company would not be where it is today.


Securus Technologies is an Authority in the Technology Industry after Scooping Gold in the Prestigious Gold Stevie Awards

This year’s Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service saw Securus Technologies take home the Gold Stevie® Award. Securus Technologies won the award in the Best Customer Services Training Department class for its outstanding customer care services. The Caesars Palace in Las Vegas played host to the awards ceremony on 24th February 2017, with more than 650 executives from all over the world gracing the occasion.


How Winners Were Determined


This year’s accolades recorded an all-time high of 2,300 nominees. Companies from all over the world, their sizes and type notwithstanding, had presented their nominees to be considered for Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in 114 categories. The awards mostly honor excellent sales professionals as well as companies with exemplary customer services, business development, and contact centers. Of the 114 categories, 61 honored achievements in customer services and contact centers while the other 53 honored achievements in sales and business development.



The Judges


The judges’ bench comprised of 77 professionals sourced from all over the world, who awarded scores independently to all the nominees. The average score for each nominee was then calculated, with nominees having the highest average score making it to the finalists’ list. From this list, several independent judging committees settled for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners. When announcing Securus as a winner, the judges commended the company for its impressive improvement record and its role in the society.


Securus Technologies


Senior VP of Operations, Mr. Danny de Hoyos, received the award on behalf of Securus Technologies. In his acceptance speech, Danny thanked the judges for recognizing Securus’ efforts in improving its customer care services. Mr. Danny noted that it was an honor for him to receive the award on behalf of his colleagues.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-located technology company that supplies technological products to most North American correctional facilities.



Knowing All About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate. She is also a film producer. The New York Times has called her “a champion of the underdog and the powerless”;Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York. This is an organization that is devoted towards liberating political prisoners. It aims to promote civil as well as political rights all around the world.

This Foundation has already secured releasing of seven prisoners. It has provided evidence to the Truth Commissions. This organization has also submitted amicus briefs in certain important international human rights cases. It has published two books that are based on individual rights in addition to the responsibilities of the state.Thor Halvorssen is the founder as well as CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is global gathering that is an annual feature. It is a highly spectacular feature of human-rights. In fact, it is so magnificent that it will soon become the equivalent of human-rights with regard to the Davos economic forum.

Thor Halvorssen had started advocating for human rights in 1989. He was just an adolescent then. He started this in London where he organized opposition to the apartheid policy in South Africa. He has a Norwegian as well as Venezuelan background. After his father had become a political prisoner in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen became fully involved in the promotion of individual rights as well as due rights. In 2004 his mother got shot during a political protest in New York. This made him start the Human Rights Foundation in New York. This Foundation is promoting tolerance as well as democracy in Latin America. Thor Halvorssen is the Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, known as On Own Feet. It is based in Prague. He has already done a lot and plans on continuing with his movement.

Sawyer Howitt, Not Your Ordinary High School Student

Sawyer Howitt, is a Lincoln High School student, who has played racquetball throughout his high school years and is now playing at the Racquetball Club of Portland in Oregon. He is considered as an up and coming player in the United States.

Most of Howitt’s experience has been in high school. During that time he has proved himself a most competent adversary, advancing in several cases, deep into the state playoffs. Now playing at the Racquetball Club of Portland he is making his mark as a quality player.

In addition to racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at his father’s, David Howitt’s firm, Meriwether Group.



Solutions To Traffic Being Offered By Transit Experts

The Williamson County Growth Summit focused on transportation challenges that were focused on the suburban communities of the region.

The panel discussion was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. It discussed how technology is able to change the face of transportation in the Austin region as well as across the globe.

Mike Heiligenstein, executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, noted that new technologies like driverless vehicles, ridesharing apps, and others could transform the transportation infrastructure in a radical manner. He felt that the area of Austin still needs to invest in order to grow its transportation capacity.

This can be done particularly by building more roads that are smarter. This is the only way to manage the mobility demands of a population that are growing rapidly and has most of its growth in the suburbs like Williamson County.

Mike Heiligenstein says that Williamson County has already done an amazing job with its infrastructure over the past 15 years. With more people coming there, it is important to build those roads. The capacities need to be made smarter, more efficient as well as more technically advanced.

In order to prepare for transportation needs of the future, building, as well as land-use codes, need to remain totally flexible.

Autonomous vehicles would mean a higher need for parking garages and roads. The levels of the parking garage will only be five feet tall. They will have multiple levels, with a charging station on one level. There will be a service station on another level.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This is a multimodal transportation agency. Since 2003, Mike has served the Mobility Authority. He has overseen its growth from being a startup transportation agency to becoming a nationally recognized leader in operations of toll roads. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The agency had developed its first toll road 183A during his tenure. It was able to maximize its efficiency as it implemented cutting edge technologies. These included video billing as well as all-electronic tolling.

Mike Heiligenstein is a vocal advocate for the bicycle as well as pedestrian facilities. He has worked hard in order to provide such facilities along Mobility Authority projects. The Mobility Authority is managing a $1 billion program currently, that will extend the 183A toll road.

It will complete the 6.2-mile Manor Expressway east of Austin besides implementing state-of-the-art Express Lanes that will be on the MoPac Expressway.

Cotemar In The Mexican Market As A Pioneer

Mexico is known for its resources and technology-based companies. Many of those are entering the worldwide market through the big door. Whatever Cotemar is doing, they are doing it right. As one of the most engaged companies in the infrastructure and transportation businesses all over the country, they are the go-to company that partners up with the best in the world.



What is Cotemar as a company?



When it comes to offers for the construction of projects, hiring, and construction, it would be a suicide to present an offer for a project without an estimate of costs and these estimates are not the same as budgets. All successful construction companies require good supervision of business management. In small companies, often by necessity, the cost estimator is the project manager. In larger companies and larger projects, two cost estimating teams can be found that develop their estimates in a completely independent way and then underpin their plan to a competent business management in a proposal analysis process that is carried out before to present this proposal to compete for the project.



The responsibility of a company to the community



This is exactly what Cotemar offers. They are an all-in industrial management company that designs plans and maintains housing units for offshore platforms. They are not only a reference company when it comes to the quality of their services, but a great place to work, according to their collaborators. They make sure at Cotemar that the people working for the company have the utmost protection and equipment to perform their job properly. On top of their already impressive treats as a company that puts Mexico ahead and portrays it as a paradise of God business and top-quality companies, they open their umbrella even bigger by making a significant change. They are involved with some projects for the betterment of their communities and their collaborator’s personal areas, as well as recycling programmers and initiatives.



With an expert group of specialists, cutting edge advances and years of notoriety, they additionally have the right stuff to match with regards to the most vital element of any organization: customer fulfillment. With a promise to guarantee that the customer is constantly happy with the work was done, they have a group of specialists and arrangements because of clients at all circumstances, making it a wholesome and focused organization.

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Bruce Levenson’s Saga As Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks

The dust still hasn’t quite settled over the sale of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks that occurred in the summer of 2015 as right now former owners Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit Group are trying to settle a dispute with the organization’s former insurance company. But, for ESPN, it’s safe to say it’s just a bump in the road for Levenson who ran the franchise quite well as the majority shares owner from 2004 to 2015. Levenson also owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for part of that time as well until they relocated back to Winnipeg in 2011. In addition to owning an NBA team, Levenson has been successful in the business and journalism fields.

Bruce Levenson is originally from the Washington D.C. area where he is still heavily involved in community programs. He graduated from Washington University with a degree in journalism and was considering going into law for a brief period. He does hold a J.D. from American University, but while attending law school there he contributed to the Washington Star paper and found his passion in that field. In 1977 Levenson and his friend began their own publication company out of their own home, and that company became a massive media giant named Unified Communications Group (UCG). UCG is a leading digital market research organization and the owner of the GasBuddy app.

Levenson’s philanthropy has been aimed at the welfare of the Jewish American community, and education for young people in the inner city. According to PR Newswire, he’s served as president for the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He’s a member of Seeds of Peace, Birthright Israel, SEED Foundation and BBYO and also the founder and trustee of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership.

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The Traveling Vineyard – Brilliant Financial Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level advertising organization that was founded in the year 2001 when they held their first in-home wine sampling event. They deal with three types of wine which include: red, white and sweet wines.

This company has a substantial number of followers on social media platforms. This is because the company produces many wines that are liked by a lot of wine drinkers. People can join the company and establish themselves as a wine marketers. This provides the opportunity to make money for a living and perhaps even become wealthy.

Once working at The Traveling Vineyard, a worker will be able to earn 35% of all the sales that are produced and get paid three times within the month. Workers will begin as wine guide with a possibility of making $100 for every event held. The company rewards good performance with occasional trips. Therefore, wine earnings fundamentally rely upon a worker’s marketing efforts.


There are many benefits of joining The Traveling Vineyard. The three main benefits are Flexibility, Financial Reward, and Friendship.

Flexibility – Wine guides have the ability to set schedules that they choose. This means that the job provides the ability to work at different times. Any worker can decide to work as little or as much as they want depending on how much free time is available.

Financial Reward – Wine guides can make a side income or a full time income depending on marketing efforts. If a worker puts in a lot of effort, they may be able to bring back big financial gains from that effort.

Friendship – Wine guides can make friends from all over the world. Being an independent worker does not mean that you are working alone. There are regional meetings and an annual harvest where workers can meet each other and discuss strategies about the wine business and their personal growth.

A Focus On InnovaCare Health’s Leadership Team

In any organization, leadership is a crucial function of the management, as it enables the company to maximize efficiency and achieve results. Visionary leaders are able to initiate actions by ensuring that their subordinates are aware of the company’s policies and plans, besides motivating them to work towards a common goal. Competent managers supervise their juniors and provide them with feedback about their performances. Leaders create confidence in their subordinates by giving them resources to achieve the set goals. As a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Plans, InnovaCare Health attributes its success to its exceptional team of leaders.

Richard Shinto, M.D

He has an extensive experience in the clinical and operational healthcare industry. Dr. Richard Shinto has been writing articles on subjects like clinical medicine and healthcare. He is an alumnus of the University of California at Irvine and the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned his B.S. and a medical degree respectively. Rick Shinto graduated with an MBA from the University of Redlands. His sound educational background earned him leadership positions in various companies, including Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, NAMM California, and MedPartners. Previously, he worked for Aveta Inc. as the CEO. Read more about Rick Shinto on

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a healthcare expert. For 20 years, Penelope zeroed in on government programs and managed care. She is a graduate of the Bingham University, New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health. Owing to her extensive experience and sound educational background, Penelope has held top leadership positions in different companies such as Touchstone Health, Centerlight HealthCare, and Americhoice. Initially, she was an employee of Aveta Inc. where she held two different leadership roles before joining InnovaCare Health. She is highly knowledgeable in developing clinical programs.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare operates two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. They are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. These plans have a membership base of more than 230,000 clients. More than 7,500 service providers avail their services to these clients. Both MMM and PMC offers high-quality care and innovative programs that promote emotional and physical well being of their members. In addition, InnovaCare Health manages two Medicaid Plans in the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico where members benefit from a broad coverage provided through a coordinated care model. MSO of Puerto Rico is affiliated with InnovaCare. The firm was established in 2009. The entity helps leading Medicare Advantage companies in Puerto Rico to consolidate their places as leaders in the industry, as they work to improve quality of healthcare.