Inmate Requests and Grievance Applications Made Efficient Using Securus Technologies’ ConnectUs

Inmate requests such as grievances, sign up forms, medical forms, handbook acceptance forms among others take up a lot of precious time to fill up in hard copy. Correctional officers spend valuable time in processes involving these requests such as collecting, copying, filing among others. With its genius idea of automated inmate forms, Securus Technologies seeks to reduce this time significantly.
According to the Marketing and Strategy Vice President Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies is committed to incessantly providing their customers with innovative technological solutions. He intimated that the automated forms are just one of the several steps that were in line with modernizing their services and ensuring the best service delivery possible.

The amount of time spent on compiling and submitting the said requests could greatly be reduced through automation of these services. This initiative would free up a lot of time for the officers to concentrate on other duties such as safety and security in the correctional facilities.

The new application has numerous advantages. Not only does it allow for easy creation and availing of the requests to the inmates, but it also allows for easy alterations and follow ups by the inmates, since the requests are in digital form, and no printing is involved. The abolishing of the printed version also saves the administration revenue by cutting down on the cost of stationeries and man hours involved. On a monthly basis, about 13.8 forms per month per inmate are automated and processed.

Securus Technologies is a leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider founded in 1986. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, as well as regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities and serves over 1,200,000 inmates across North America with its 1000 plus employees. Since 2013, Securus Technologies has invested in technologies, patents, and acquisitions totaling to over $600 million.

Financial Advice Regarding Renting To Airbnb As Issued By Richard Blair

Many property owners want to make the best of their investment and some of the ideas that arise in this regard include renting out a house to Airbnb. This is considered a quick way of making money, but few sign the deal without first understanding the dynamics surrounding the whole trade.

Renting out to Airbnb may be a great idea but one has to understand there are bound to be challenges and many people have learnt about these issues when too late to rectify their mistakes. Below are issues you need to look into before signing the deal to rent through Airbnb.

Risks surrounding the agreement
Having tenants comes with many risks and you are likely to lose a huge part of your property if you are not keen on managing the premise. Accepting tenants makes you potentially liable for all the accidents that occur causing damage and injuries.

Some tenants may also engage in illegal activities in the property, so when the authorities learn about this you may face legal action for failure to report such incidences. Some tenants can decide to play truant and by defaulting settling rent, so you lose a lot of money in the process.

Insurance policies
It’s very unfortunate to note that most homeowner’s insurance policies do not consider short-term rentals since the risk levels are too high to guarantee payment every time something goes missing. This implies any expenses and losses brought by the guests are your liability that you are bound to cater for.

Airbnb offers protection, but this should not be confused for insurance. It only kicks in when you exhaust your resources and there is no guarantee it will help you settle the issues fully. Looking at the above issues should enlighten you to act wisely. Also seek professional assistance from experts like Richard Blair.

Who is Richard Blair?
Richard Blair is a financial advisor and a certified estate and trust specialist based in Texas, Austin. He launched Wealth Solutions, a firm that offers families, organizations and businesses advice that is relevant when making financial decisions.

After graduating from college, he established Wealth Solutions, and he has advanced his knowledge and experience over the years in the fields of retirement planning. Richard Blair has been offering support to clients seeking to avoid pitfalls that are common among people moving to retirement by offering strategies that are ideal for individual clients.

Norka Luque A Talent to Watch in Music and Entertainment

Norka Luque, a Venezuelan musician, based in the US began her career at a tiny age. She discovered her talent in childhood where she would sing relentlessly participating in various competitions that came her way. Norka started her journey early enough by associating with anything that could lead her to realize her dream. That ambition saw her join a funk rock band, the Bad Moon Rising which played a great role in nurturing her vocals as the lead soloist. To polish the art brewing in her, Norka Luque joined singing classes upon moving to the United States. In addition to that, she had an eye for fashion and culinary arts.

Luck came her way when she met the Producer Emilio Estefan who after listening to her samples saw a great potential in her. Norka Luque still shows her appreciation to Emilio who has been attending to her music and career needs in the most professional way. She had to continue with her music classes to cement her career in music. Norka also interacted with some of the big names in the music industry including Shakira and Beyonce who helped in her career journey.

After three years of dedication and commitment, she managed to produce her first single titled ‘As You Do It’ that was massively received and was nominated for the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro. The nomination put her on a pedestal where she could compete with other globally renowned artists. She has also produced a second single miracle whose video is in the offing. The song features modernity and a pop-reggae fuse to bring out unique sounds just like Mediterranean rhythms that are appreciated internationally. Norka diversifies her themes into love, romance, passion and heart breaks to provide sensational tunes that are loved by many people.

Another one of her songs is Milargo which has a very indulging video. Norka is all over the Latin Music billboards thanks to her talent and profound creativity. She says that her music is meant to get the society in touch with their emotions. Norka also produces songs that can positively touch her fans to help them cope with their individual crisis. She is also active in the social media where she can receive fan reviews and also appreciate them for their support.

Ignoring Reviews Is The Major Sin Of Online Reputation Management

The growth of Online reputation management in recent years has been accompanied by an ever growing number of review Websites allowing customers the chance to give their opinion on businesses of all kinds. ACHR News explains the rise of review Sites has become a major part of life for all business and consumers who now use these as a major part of their choices as customers. Some facts and figures that have recently been released show the majority of consumers make their choice of business based on the top three reviews they read; a further area of concern for those who do not take online reviews seriously is the fact around 92 percent of U.S. residents use Online reviews to form an opinion on a business.
Negative reviews should not be seen as the end of the journey for any business, but should be seen as a starting point for a potential relationship between the business and their disgruntled consumer. A creative response to a negative review is far more important than simply ignoring the customer and not posting a response to the issues raised in the review. The first step to take is to consider the concerns raised in the review and take a solution based approach to the response taken by the business owner; avoiding descending into an argument with the Online reviewer will provide the business owner with the moral high ground if they continue to search for solutions to the problems being discussed.

In terms of Online Reputation Defender Reviews the first rule to follow is the top searches on Google are all the majority of consumers will look at, which means encouraging positive reviews posted on a regular basis will see these rise to the top of the results from any search engine. Encouraging positive reviews should go hand in hand with building high ratings based in the five star review system most consumers use as the starting point for their business search.


George Soros: The Force Behind a New Ukraine

George Soros performs his duties as the director of the Open Society Foundations, and he is also the chair of Soros Fund Management. He is the one who established the hedge fund industry. George Soros is a famous author, and he has written many books. Some of the publications he has published include, ‘The Tragedy of the European Union,” ‘The Alchemy of Finance,’ and ‘The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and what it Means.’

Soros contributes on a regular basis to The New York Review of Books. He has been using his contributions to advance issues that are relevant to Ukraine as a country. In his opinion, Ukraine deserves to be given preferential treatment in the European Union due to its continued aggression it encounters from the Russian government. Soros works hard to make sure that Ukraine is transformed from the old Ukraine to the new Ukraine. The old Ukraine consisted of systems that made it difficult for the country to move ahead. One example is its financial structures, which were managed by gluttonous rulers who used their positions to exploit and enrich themselves.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

According to him, the Maidan insurgency should motivate the people of Ukraine to change their lives. The revolt occurred in February 2014. Soros abhors Ukraine being handled like a second class member of Europe. Ukraine should be treated with respect because it is a valuable member of the European Union. The country has stood firm against the Russian aggression, and it has also been actively involved in bringing back the solidarity spirit that used to exist among the union members. Soros is confident of his abilities of propelling the emergence of new Ukraine. He has a strong Ukrainian background, and also he has been actively involved in national politics. His active involvement in national issues has given him the much-needed exposure that makes him fitting for the job. At the early months of 2015, he prepared a document that laid bare the things that Ukraine needed to do to succeed.

One of the views he brought forward was about the sanctions that had been imposed on Russia. He said that those restrictions were not enough because the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had come up with an interpretation that greatly favored him. Putin had implied that those sanctions were a clear testimony of hatred from the western powers. This version proved appealing to many Russians. Soros thought that the only way to counter this argument was to create a balance between the penalties that had been inflicted on Russia and support for Ukraine.

Soros policies pushed for financial aid for Ukraine. The support would incorporate budgetary relief and political risk insurance. Such assistance, he argued, would eventually turn Ukraine into an excellent place for investment. Soros pushed for political reformations that would comprise of the establishment of a competent judiciary. The transformation of the judicial system would play a critical role in getting rid of corruption in Ukraine.

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White Shark Media Offers Important SEO Information

White Shark Media is a company that is known for its expertise in the field of advertising campaigns. Consumers are often unaware, however, of the company’s expertise in the field of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the manipulation of the content on a web page in order to make the web content available to search engines like Google or Bing. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

SEO was developed after the advent of search engines like the Yahoo search engine and, specifically, the Google search engine. It is estimated that consumers find small business information by typing keywords into search engines around 98% of the time. This means that a large amount of a business’ visibility relies on its search engine ranking. Because of this, a large amount of emphasis is placed on SEO practices and standards in the business community.

White Shark Media utilizes a complex procedure to ensure SEO standards in an advertising campaign. In an effort to ensure that White Shark Media clients have the best search engine optimization available, the advertising company has developed a complex algorithm that effectively optimizes each page of content for prime search engine availability. Because of this system, clients at White Shark Media are always pleased with their ranking in Google search engines.

According to WhiteSharkMedia, White Shark Media helps customers understand the importance of being knowledgeable about SEO best practices. Because clients often lack understanding regarding SEO best practices, White Shark Media ensures that the clients are educated about search engine optimization before the advertising campaign begins.

After they are educated about SEO best practices, clients can better understand the process involved in the development of the advertising campaign. These processes are often complex and require a significant amount of time to complete, so it is important that clients understand the significance of properly optimizing web content.

White Shark Media often emphasizes its expertise with SEO practices to gain customer trust and educate clients. When knowledgable clients are able to see White Shark Media Review teams’ dedication to SEO best practices, they are more likely to choose to work with the company.

Many of the testimonials on White Shark Media’s website show that customers are extremely pleased with the extra emphasis that the company places on superior SEO practices. While the company did not always focus on SEO best practices, time has taught the leaders of the company that the optimization is extremely important to customers.

The Successful Career Of The Experienced Investment Banker, Martin Lustgarten

With globalization, the functions of banks have continued to increase. Investment banks do not take deposits. On both the national scale and personal level, the services provided by investment banks cannot be underestimated. Investment banks contribute to the growth of the economy. Through investment banks, individuals and corporations are able to underwrite new debts and equity securities. Investment bankers are well trained on different financial concepts and principles. Through practice, they are able to provide adequate advice to different clients.
Investment banking firms are experts in matters of mergers and acquisition. Any person intending to pursue a career in investment banking should have sound interpersonal skills, excellent research skills and outstanding observation skills. Over the years, investment banks have been aiding different corporations and individuals raise funds. Investment bankers provide clients with appropriate financial structures of their businesses. In addition, they advise clients on the strategies that can augment their productivity and profitability margins.
As a successful investment banker, Martin Lustgarten, founded his own investment bank known as Lustgarten investment bank. This institution is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Martin has an impressive resume as an investment banker. Owing to his vast experience in investment banking, Martin has a notable network of clients and friends. Through his efforts, Lustgarten investment bank has been able to secure various lucrative deals in Florida. In the United States, the firm ranks highly in the provision of consumer-oriented services. In the firm, Martin has set modalities seek to treat clients as crucial business partners. Martin’s success in investment banking has been informed by his zeal to analyze and understand the objectives of his clients.
Martin has maintained a reputation for aiding his clients succeed with their financial objectives. He has also demonstrated that he comprehends the value of treating consumers in the appropriate manner. Martin uses his social media platforms to connect with the business community and his clients. Lustgarten utilizes every opportunity that comes his way to deliberate on the critical business concerns besides shedding light on investment matters. His communications skills are excellent. He converses with clients in a noble way. Martin believes in his employees as he personally and directly interacts with them. In the process, he motivates them to work even harder. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to learn more.

I Needed Laidlaw & Company To Help My Company Make An Endowment

I had a lot of plans for the business we were running, but then we had to cover the item of trying to have an endowment. An endowment is something that I could have started to set up on my own, but I knew that I was going to need help. That is why I went to Laidlaw & Company to see what they could do for me. They were familiar with the process, and they wanted to help me make a lot of money in this endowment so that it would just keep growing. They are very good with this, and they showed me how much it could multiply.

There are a lot of people who have been doing this in the past, but they still needed help. I talked to James Ahern about it, and he gave me a broker who does this a lot. It was really nice to know that I could invest the money in places that would be more effective, and then I was shown what my best options were. It really helped me to know that I could make this work, and then I knew that I could do really well.

The endowment that we have through Laidlaw & Company is going to help us make a lot of money in the interim when we are not even trying to raise it. We have to have this money in reserve so that we can get things done in the future. We have planned very well, and we want to make sure that we have done things right so that we are going to be able to pay for opportunities in the future with Matthew Eitner. Our health and our future has a lot to do with Laidlaw & Company, and they are the perfect company to work with.

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Why Does The US Money Reserve Make Gold Coin Ownership Easy?

Philip Diehl believes in gold coin ownership because he thinks that it is so much more important than other kinds of investment. The company was featured on EPNS Radio, and it was shown that they can offer the best kinds of help with buying nice gold coins. The weight of US Money Reserve will determine their price, but some people need a nice design.

Philip Diehl helps come up with a lot of good designs that people will enjoy, and the coins are going to become parts of collections that people might want to keep in their homes. That is a fun way to display a passion, and it is also something that people can keep in a safety deposit box if they want.

The coins can be sold any time the owner wants, but there are people who need to remember that they have a chance to get into a nice hobby. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Philip Diehl encourages people to start collecting if they want to, and he tells them that they can sell their coins at any time. The profits from these coins could produce cash, or the coins could help people retire. Keeping them in a safe could let them grow in value a lot, or people could just buy them when they find new ones for US Money Reserve.

There is a trading place for these things, and there are shows where people can show off their collections. The best part of this is that anyone can start buying coins today with no experience. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

There are many people who are going to be able to change the way that they invest, and they will have investments they can touch. They will learn how to spend their money on gold coins, and they will learn how to keep those gold coins to let them rise in value for the future. That is the only way to invest correctly in this process.

The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy: Choosing A Reliable Wealth Research Services Company

Both individual and institutional investors or business opportunity seekers must ensure that they have access to reliable information and resources for success. However, wealth management or choosing the right opportunity happens to be a complicated task for most people. The Midas Legacy simplifies the process by offering wealth management solutions and advisory services to help clients succeed.

When it comes to wealth advisory it’s imperative that you do your home work before choosing a company to provide this much-needed service to you. There are many companies out there offering to help you build wealth and achieve your desired level of income or business success but not all of these companies have the quality resources to perform the necessary research or identify proven wealth building systems.

The Midas Legacy is genuinely committed to their clients’ success. The Midas Legacy comes highly recommended in the wealth building and business success fields and has numerous clients and customers across the globe who are extremely satisfied with the services they have received.

The Midas Legacy has a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Their professionals are unparalleled in their wealth management and investment expertise. These professionals have thorough knowledge and experience across all aspects of wealth building, money making, business management and portfolio management. Most important, these professionals consistently put client interests first.

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The Midas Legacy offers an independent, unbiased and research-driven approach.They present and recommend wealth building and investment options that are based on their client’s specific needs and preferences and that the company believes will best eliminate the client’s risk and offer greater possibilities for the client. Everything they recommend is based on the client’s best interests.

The Midas Legacy is built on a foundation of research and analytics. They are on your side to ensure that you are provided with the quality information you need to achieve the success you desire. And they deliver the best, thoroughly researched wealth building and investment solutions available.

There is a lot of information on The Midas Legacy’s website and you are encouraged to visit and check out what they have to offer. People all over the world are raving about the quality of service and materials they they have received and the success they have achieved through the expert services of The Midas Legacy. Get in touch with the professionals at The Midas Legacy today.

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